This week, good things come early, especially when it comes to art in Bushwick! Perhaps its the crisp fall air, or we are all trying to extra productive to kick the season off to a good start, or maybe it’s just that there is so much great stuff happening this weekend that it can’t be contained within the weekend! Whatever the reason, this week Bushwick is literally bursting with art-ific activity, with new galleries, old favorites, and of course, a bunch of fantastic art!

#1 Anthony Miler: The Grisaille Paintings @ Art-3 Gallery (WED, 6-9PM)

109 Ingraham Street, Suite 102, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Seizing the moment, tonight the new Art-3 Gallery will host a reception for their current show featuring the work of Anthony Miler which opened earlier this month. Taking heavy historical cues from the COBRA artists of the 1940s comprised of Karel Appel, Christian Dotremont, Asger Jorn and others, Miler’s work is anchored in abstraction and action, as well as what has previously been referred to as primitivism. Working all in grayscale, the works possess a rich tonal quality, where the viewer is forced to focus on the subtle changes in tone rather than rely on color and shape alone.

#2 Monochromes: Clovis Pareiko @ Parenthesis (THU, 6-9PM)

203 Harrison Pl 3rd Fl, Brooklyn, New York 11237

Parenthesis opens up its season featuring the work of one of its studio members, Clovis Pareiko. Using the subtlety of a nearly monochromatic pallet, Pareiko explores the range of hues within that color, namely of a faceless, godlike being.  Attempting to isolate this color as the only variable on the beauty of the subject, the artist crystalizes the effect into the subjects of the painting, which are devoid of emotion, expression, or other external factors that might effect how we perceive it. As the artists says, he wishes to “explore the ideal face, free of human affectation results in…beauty as a side effect.”

#3 This Kind of Face: Siri Kaur @ 99¢ Plus Gallery (FRI, 7-9PM)

238 Wilson Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11237

Los Angeles based artist Siri Kaur’s new show explores the art of impersonation, and the way people dress, talk, and invent themselves, and how this effects the ways this mask can break down.  We all carry these masks, affecting certain mannerisms and dress; the way we present ourselves to our friends and colleagues online. What happens when there are cracks in this artifice? As an artist, Kaur is looking for this breakdown, finding that decisive moment between the true self and the impersonation.

#4 Show #12 @ The Parlour (FRI, 6-9PM)

791 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11221

Charlotte Hallberg (image courtesy of The Parlour Bushwick)

Also exploring the various depths of color, this group show features the work of Carolyn Case, Victoria Palermo, and Charlotte Hallberg. The three artists look to sources ranging from Andean weaving and textiles, to natural landscapes and geometric abstraction in order to explore the depth and range of color and the effect it can have on a viewer both directly and subconsiously.

#5 Daniel Leyva: Blood Tastes Like Iron @ Interstate Projects (FRI, 6-9PM)

66 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Daniel Leyva seeks to explore the fundamental aspects of humanity, civilization and the way this has impacted the way seek to explain it through technology and innovation. Whereas technology is often put at odds to humanity and nature, Leyva, working with information techonology as his main medium, seeks to repair this disconnect. While many of aspects of Leyva’s work are as familiar as the internet, we might also find that this familiarity comes from a more fundamental desire to learn and to know.

#6 Poppy Jackson and Didier Odieu @ Grace Exhibition Space (FRI, 8- 11:30PM, $5-$15 suggested donation)

840 Broadway Blvd, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn NY 11206

Poppy Jackson to perform this Friday at Grace Exhibition Space

With the sub header, “Controversy: Public vs Private in Performance Art,” Grace Exhibition Space continues its exploration of the act of performance investigating the private and public realms. With work is simultaneously extremely personal and yet shared in front of a group, the performances of disparate artists Poppy Jackson and Didier Odieu explore the deepest realms of their being. Jackson’s action-based work is rooted in the traditional and ritualistic components of Catholicism, while also dictated by a unique grunge aesthetic. Also rooted in a musical past, Odieu participates in almost a dance macabre, harking back to traditions of the underground European alternative scene.

#7 The Olive Branch, presented by Pseudo Empire @ Brooklyn Fire Proof (SAT, 12-8PM)

119 Ingraham St (In the Alley), Brooklyn, New York

This Saturday, Pseudo Empire will be hosting a special, one-day art sale to promote peace and humans rights. While the act itself is meant to be a gesture of solidarity against warfare, violence and the violation of human rights recently at home and abroad, Pseudo Empire will be selling the work, with the proceeds going to the artist and the organization Peace Direct.

#8 Static Cling @ Penelope (SAT, 6-9PM)

18-28 Troutman Street, Queens, NY 11385

A favorite spot during BOS, Penelope is a new spot opening up at The Donk this Saturday. Featuring the work of thirteen artists, Static Cling examines the tireless and even tedious work that so many, process-driven artists put into their working process. As almost driven by an invisible force, the artists, often toeing the line between fine art and craft, camp and sincerity, the artists unapologetically take ownership of their process, their product. We are excited to see what’s in store from this new gallery!