Submitted to #BUSHWICKSTYLE via @cocoalexander

Here we are, Bushwick–another week looking fly and on the move. And this week you all brought something different to the table. Don’t forget to keep using the #BUSHWICKSTYLE hashtag so that I can see your amazing pictures! Alright, let’s check out what people wore this week.

@femmemade showing us the solstice.

New #BUSHWICKSTYLE contributor @rubblebucketrubblebucket also has sick nails. Love that deep blue!

@helloooshannon has the perfect pink up-do. A little messy is how we like it! Submitted to #BUSHWICKSTYLE.

@cloganstudios switching up the style with some printed shoes. Seen on #BUSHWICKSTYLE.

Obviously the most stylish of them all! Submitted to #BUSHWICKSTYLE via @kevinpelrine.

Now let’s see who was on the #BUSHWICK hashtag. @lesliereggaetonera showed up with some beautiful pink and purple eyeshadow.

@micheisdope showed us how to show up looking fly and not over-the-top formal.

@littlefoufou has some amazing platforms.

@lizzzjonesss looked great in black skinny jeans, a color that also suits the pictured partner-in-crime.

@jojostunes showed us how to gear up for spring. So excited!

@chessandthesphinx had an amazing raincoat that’s both shiny and tight in the waist…. IT CAN BE YOUR’S.

That bag tho. via @unit65

@othatjo proved that yes, men can look fly in purple, too.

And finally, @wendybarton brought us the best statement ever worn on a t-shirt… ever.

Chess and the Sphinx