Buying for A Tan: Seeking SXSW Style In Bushwick

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By Maria Gotay, Loren diBlasi and Samantha Smerconish

auH2o’s accesorries selection. All photos by Maria Gotay for Bushwick Daily.

Three of the lovely ladies from Bushwick Daily music section (each of us rocking manes of different hues) are heading down to Austin, Texas for SXSW and just couldn’t bear to go down in last summer’s tatters. Instead, we went on a bonafide “vintage crawl” throughout the neighborhood with one mission in mind: SXSW fashion. Our finds? A ton of fashion-forward looks for Southern vixens and 90’s punkers alike.

Auh20 Thriftique: 421 Graham Ave

sxswfestivalfashion (1 of 23)

We started off the morning in top shape, heading to AuH2o curated thrift and vintage boutique right off of the Graham L stop, just a skip and a hop from homebase. The store is the recent Brooklyn cousin to its East Village original, and we couldn’t be more stoked to find unique vintage with very reasonable price tags. We were delighted to find many funky options here, and were stunned by their plethora of accessories. We definitely found some SXSW staples here on a traveller’s budget.

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Look #1: Got the Staples Down! (Short Shorts $14  / Cowboy Boots $25 / Green Textured CropTop $9 / Silver Dangling Necklace $13)

auH20’s shorts selection unveiled one of its treasure chests- many pairs of cutoffs in varied levels of distress- absolutely perfect for showing a little leg at the festival. We were pleased to find this checkered pair, which were cinched at the waist and lightweight throughout. Paired with some cream-colored, broken-in cowboy boots, you could almost be mistaken for an Austin local.

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Look #2: Gypsy Sun Child (Hispter Sun Hat $5 / White Silky Crop Top $7 / Gold Medallion Necklace $15 / Purple Pleated Skirt $14)

Look the part of a worldy traveller, or at least one from the exotic borough of Brooklyn, in this gypsy-chic pleated purple skirt and sexy silky tunic top. The sunhat is a must in the Austin heat, and this one’s light and well-ventilated (no ones likes sweat, no matter how “lady-like”). Paired with this mysterious medallion necklace, you’ll stand out like a rare, classic dame of origins unknown.

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If you’re looking to stock up on vintage rings, earrings, and necklaces, auH2O is your go-to spot, with a $3 earring rack!

Mary Meyer + Friends Vintage @ 56 Bogart St


Next was locally-famed boutique Mary Meyer & Friends. Her “boutique” (ahem, spacious and clean fashion paradise) welcomed us with open arms and bountiful SXSW treasures. The shop flows like a perfectly curated party guest list: to your left, new and beautiful creations by Mary herself  (think: dreamy graphic-printed bags, acid-splattered t-shirts, and dresses so soft and flowy, they feel like they were spun from clouds), and to your right, meticulously-cared-for vintage finds with an emphasis on 90’s style staples, oh, and a pretty quality $10 rack. Mary knows all about SXSW- she’s been to the festival, plus, her man Jose (we mentioned them in our 10 Bushwick Power Couples article) is heading down with his band, Las Rosas. In fact, they’re having a free SXSW kick off concert in the store this Thursday!

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Look #1: (SXSW Punker: Diarrhea Planet T $10 / Dock-y Martins $29 )

The store has many offerings for the punk type, which lives inside each of us at varying depths. To compliments Loren’s often punk-and-hardcore reviews and bushwick music crushes, she found a few accessories right off the bat, including some fake Doc Martins on sale, as well as a tee from our fave feelgood punk and rock band, Diarrhea Planet, who, coincidentally, are on our to-see list at SXSW!

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Look #2: Southern Belle goes Music Festival (Black, lace blouse $32, Vintage, high-waisted Lee jeans $42)

Mary mastered this look within thirty seconds. The top is perfection- gothic, romantic, and edge all at once. Wearing it without a bottom layer means your skin can stay cool (truth bomb: totally hoping to get some lace tan-lines) and the high-waisted enim choice keeps it casual and walkable – a light wash with worn-in thigh and knee holes to let your legs breathe.

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Holla to MM’s $2 table, where we found this excellent Texas-shaped pin! Our new lucky charm. Pictured here with a variety of chunky rings that would add an eclectic finish to our SXSW looks- each $22.

Chess & The Sphinx @ 252 Knickerbocker Ave

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This Bushwick boutique feels akin both to browsing an elegant estate sale, and raiding the closet of New York’s latest “It” Girl, all at once. Our old friends, adorable co-owners Sara Chess and Erika Perenic, pulled some fabulous festival looks with yours truly in mind.

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Look #1: 90s-Meets-Pin-Up (Mary Jane Shoes $45 with add’l 40% off , Hot Shorts $20, Frilly Blouse $25)

Loren’s winning SXSW ensemble was comprised of a sheer, slightly frilly crop top, and chic high-waisted hot pants. Not to mention the pair of platform Mary Janes that Cher Horowitz herself would envy. Practical shoes for walking miles and miles around Austin? Maybe not quite, but regardless, we’re excited to deliver some Brooklyn style to the heart of Texas via this 90s-Meets-Pin-Up look.

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Look #2: Rompers As Usual (Romper $38, leather shoes $42)

Any festival girl knows a romper is the way to dominate. And if you’re to-see list at SXSW is anything like ours, it’s going to require a lot of hoofin’ it. This romper, with its romantic deep floral pattern, is flattering and delicately fitted around the bust middle, and wide-legged for long paces and lots of air flow. Chafing ain’t happening in this beautiful number.

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Closeup of one of the store’s prize purses, a versatile, emerald-hued leather crossbody bag ($48 with additional 40% off).

WORSHIP @ 117 Wilson Ave

sxswfestivalfashion (19 of 23)

Last and not least was WORSHIP, where we swooned over their large winter selection and slipped into a few vintage bathing suits before realizing Austin doesn’t offer swimming lessons.  Considering why Austin doesn’t let swimmers in its town lake during a drought, we remembered we’d gone this whole trip without running into some quality and trendy sunglasses to shade us through the many hours we’ll be in the southern sun.

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The options are plentiful and lassoed a few pairs that we’ll rock during the festival! All are between $13-15! Score.

sunnies copy

Are you heading to Texas, too? Be sure to stock up on some summer garb because this time next week, it’ll be in the 70s! Check out our FREE SXSW how to guide and also 10 Artists that will Break Big at SXSW this year. Not gonna make it? Live vicariously through our coverage of the festival and follow us on Instagram where we’ll be hashtagging with #BDSXSW.

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