#BUSHWICKSTYLE: What You’ve Been Wearing in Snowpocalypse

photo via @shawnengler

So as you may know by now, each week I peruse the #Bushwick hashtag on Instagram, and post the best of what you were wearing around the hood. If you want your photo to be featured, be sure to tag me @chixonthehud, or better yet hashtag your photo #BUSHWICKSTYLE so I can see it.

Speaking of which, our Editor-in-Chief Katarina had a brilliant idea that involves all you folk reading this here article right here right now. She wants to do a photoshoot of our favorite #BUSHWICKSTYLE contributors, so if you want to model in a very special Bushwick Daily photoshoot, it is vital, I repeat, VITAL for you to hashtag your selfies and style posts as #BUSHWICKSTYLE on Instagram. And then, more details to come.

Now let’s check out what you’ve been wearing during all these winter storms!

First coat of the set. The snow can’t stop or blind us. via @brilliantmyboy

bushwick style coat

Killin’ the bull. Submitted to #BUSHWICKSTYLE via @luvkip

bushwick style femme made

If you’re going to take a nap on a princess bed with a beer in your hand, you’re best to do it in this here skirt. Submitted to #BUSHWICKSTYLE via @acgnyc 

bushwick style pants

The spiffiest frenchie in town. via @figthefrench

bushwick style bulldog

Yankees fitted: check! via @multipleblastoff

bushwick style yankees

Union jack everything. Snow everything too, but that can’t stop us! via @eaux_kae

bushwick style femme made

I included @shawnengler twice in this post because he submitted so many amazing photos to #BUSHWICKSTYLE. I mean, just LOOK AT THIS.

bushwick style drag

No matter the weather we like to party…in animal prints. via @linzbwick

bushwick style leopard

The best nails I’ve seen all week. What are those spikes and how can I have them too? via @tanyalovesjeremiah

bushwick style nails

Always with the flatbrims. Always with leopard. via @nystgallery

bushwick style glasses

I think what we learned from this photo is you can make your winter gear look especially fly with some mascara and purple lipstick. Submitted to #BUSHWICKSTYLE via @emilyarupp 

bushwick style lipstick

The right way to do winter. Submitted to #BUSHWICKSTYLE via @femmemade 

bushwick style pink

Keepin’ that pompadour high, even in snowy days. Submitted to #BUSHWICKSTYLE via @cloganstudios 

bushwick style hair

For when you get tired of looking at your damn snow boots. via @kustmkickz

bushwick style kicks

Even the doggys are gearing up in fierce coats during this fierce winter. via @resterday

bushwick style dog

Loving the two-toned hair! via @personalitycrisis77

bushwick style hair

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