Last season I wrote about going to the Vivienne Tam show for New York Fashion Week. I had a blast at the show being all high profile and whatnot. NYFW is a lot of fun. There was flashing-flashing-lights-lights, champagne, and need-I-state-the-obvious, tons of amazing clothes. There’s heinous clothes, too. I mean, just because something’s on a runway doesn’t mean that it’s worth not making your prepaid phone plan this month. But whatever, we won’t talk about that.

This season I applied for a press pass again, but was late like a jerk so the application fee would have been$100. And you know how rent, student loans, and the need to brunch like a mofo outweighs some cheap champagne and a 10-minute fashion show.

But that won’t stop me from fantasy-shopping like I am going to Lincoln Center today and I had spared the $100. I went to four super-cool the Bushwick stores to try on ALL the clothes because #BUSHWICKSTYLE is the best style and we can’t stop// won’t stop this balling// not that balling lyfestyle. Check out some high-fashion items sourced locally in the ‘wick.

Where: Better Than Jam, 123 Knickerbocker Ave: Effortless Hot Pink Candy

Pictured above:

J Papa Shawl ($168), Better Than Jam Dress ($40), Grica Day Ring ($30), Rebecca Sheperd Earrings ($60), Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Whimsical ($8)

I’ve always loved the dresses that Karin Persan sells in her store, Better Than Jam. In fact, I own two of these puppies. (DISCLAIMER: These are not actually puppies). They’re super comfy and flattering. So easy to wear. So effortless when I wake up in the morning and have 10 minutes to get ready and 5 of those minutes are spent staring off into space at the foot of my bed, wondering if Diet Coke really will be the downfall of my health. This one, which is on sale, comes in neon pink. Yay!

Where: Mary Meyer, 56 Bogart St: Pretty, stylish, comfy

Items pictured:

Kitty Dress in Wine ($74), Perfect Jacket ($206), Lila Rice Arrow Necklace ($198), 67 Outsider Heels ($74)

Mary Meyer is definitely the fanciest of da fanciest of the shops in all of the land that is Bushwick, but also so legit and still not as expensive as the garb you find in SoHo. The fabric of this dress was softer than a freshly washed kitten tumbling around in a hamper of pillows. I don’t even know what I mean by that, but what I’m trying to say is that shit is soft as hell. Anyway–these shoes were also super comfy, and for $74 aren’t the worst spurge purchase you could make for NYFW.

Where: Reflection Dynamiks, 1095 Flushing Ave: Living the high lyfe!

Items Pictured:

The Pow 5 Panel Hat ($30), Necklace ($40), Jimmy Swagg Glasses ($75), Get Money Crew Neck Sweater ($68)

This was definitely the most fun place we shot at! Not that I’m supposed to be picking favorites or handing out awards for this or anything. Regardless, Reflection Dynamiks is a sick store at The Loom on Flushing Ave that’s been open for a few months and has one hell of a following. They design their own sweatshirts and hats. Honestly, if I had the guts I would dress like this all the time but if I’m being perfectly honest with myself, I’m not sure I have what it takes to live up to this! But  maybe, just maybe I could live a little for NYFW.

Where: Fox & Fawn, 222 Varet Street: Anna Wintour will be jealous! 

Items Pictured:

Coat ($49.95), Dress ($15.92), Shoes ($29.95)

This is by far the chicest look in the lot, which is weird because it’s from a vintage store? Anyway–these well priced items at Fox & Fawn are good staples to have in your closet without breaking the bank. But having “good staples” is how people justify every purchase that isn’t even that good of a staple, so you don’t even need to tell yourself that. Just look at it this way–if you’re going to buy an entire outfit for NYFW or anything else, you don’t have to spend $100.