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The Cheap Storage Building at 49 Wyckoff Ave- right across the street from Hana grocery- is a land of limitless surprises and opportunities. Remember the time when you caught an awesome music show there? And you surely didn’t forget about Ben Stiller filming on the upper floor, right? Well, now it’s time to get some work done in a brand new, beautiful co-working space, Brooklyn Desks! Over 9,000 square feet of ground floor industrial loft space is being currently converted into “a cutting edge, state of the art co-working facility” to be finished in approximately three months, according to the Brooklyn Desks founder, Joe Mitten. And if you want a free month at Brooklyn Desks, now is the time to get it. Read on to find out how!

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Brooklyn Desks will offer shared open tables as well as private glass walled offices; the entire space will be filled with natural light and impressive amenities. Joe Mitten promises high speed internet, game rooms, state of the art conference rooms, modern cafeteria, an outdoor terrace and vending machines with snacks, drinks and office supplies. “The offices will be designed specially for artists and creative people,” said Joe. “There is a parking lot, a roof with unbelievable views and it’s right across the street from the L for an easy access to the city.” As far as pricing goes, open desks will be $199 per month, private desk for $399, and private rooms $650 per month. Available will also be the services of virtual office (Brooklyn Desks will manage your mail, you can have a special phone line there and a couple of hours of conference room time per month.)

So do you see yourself getting your best work done there yet? If so, fill out a form at Brooklyn Desks website today and schedule a viewing between now and December 11, 2013. Brooklyn Desks will give you 1 full month for free with a minimum of 6-month rent agreement.

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