All photos by Essie Graham.

Friends of Bushwick!! Fall is here and school is back IN ACTION. Know what this means?? Back to school SHOPPING!! And what better place to get some new threads than Bushwick’s very own Knickerbocker Ave? (Nowhere–that’s where).

So while on search for the neatest gear, I did just that. See, I wanted to hook my girl Mia up with some cool clothes. (Mia’s today’s model). She loves fashion and has been dying to be in a photoshoot, so I knew she’d be the perfect gal to help me out with this special edition of Urban Outfitters or Jimmy Jazz??

I ended up at Shopper’s World. Not only do they have fly clothes for the lil’ ones, but they carry French Toast, which is a uniform brand used for New York City schools. Shopper’s World also has all the school supplies cool kids need, so it’s a nice one-stop-shop kinda place. Oh wait–did I fail to mention how affordable it is? Check out what we loved for kids on this special edition of Urban Outfitters or Jimmy Jazz? And if you love Essie’s photos be sure to check out her site¬†too because she’s offering back-to-school portrait discounts!


Plaid prints have always been what’s up, and the plaid print makes this dress totally awesome. Though it’s short-sleeved it can easily be layered with a black sweater and double as a holiday party dress with patent leather pumps. 14.99

This skirt has a rockin’ argyle print featuring little skull heads all over. Mia had a great time romping around in this outfit too! Argyle is always in classtime-style, from elementary to college. $9.99


Brighter than your typical LL Bean backpack, Shopper’s World gives us backpack worthy of highlighters and glow-in-the-dark games with happy neon colors. This sack is perfect for carrying binders, books and of course…. Lisa Frank Folders! $7.99

Nothing brightens a bleak day at school like some folders with NEON ANIMALS ON IT. Lisa Frank has been a favorite for generations, and Shopper’s World has all the Lisa Frank folders a kid needs to organize their papers. $.99


But of course, kids live for the weekend. So you gotta think about what’s cool to wear on Saturday play-dates at the park, too. Check out this awesome camo dress, perfect for romping on rooftops OR hopscotch. Similar to the red plaid, this dress can be layered when the temp drops. $9.99

So check out Shopper’s World, located on 399 Knickerbocker Ave for back to school clothes, weekend wear AND dope school-supplies. That’s it for this special edition of Urban Outfitters or Jimmy Jazz?? And you stay cool–you crazy kids! Real cool.