Vintage Fashion Lovers Have a New Place to Worship

Worship! (All photos by Alexandra Uzik for Bushwick Daily)

Six months ago Brooklyn lost its garage-punk band the K-Holes when their bassist and singer ran off to South Carolina to have a baby, leaving behind former bandmates Sara Villard and Vashti Windish bandless and itching to start on a new creative endeavor. The music scene’s loss turned out to be a fortuitous happening for the fashion-minded folks in our neighborhood, as Sara and Vashti took the opportunity to dedicate their rock star, arty energies to opening Bushwick’s newest vintage store Worship at 117 Wilson Ave, between Starr and Willoughby.

Appropriately Worship is not just an amazing vintage gem, but – as the name implies – a locus for all things the women find inspiring. They share their love of art, music and fashion not only through their careful curation of the clothing and locally produced accessories that fill their shop, but through their Tumblr featuring fashion icons ranging from local artists they count as friends to the Sex Pistols and Klaus Nomi, the wildly theatrical German countertenor. Likewise their space is more than just a clothing store (although with such great clothes, that would be enough), also serving as an impromptu art gallery and gathering place as opportunity demands. Their large backyard and patio has already housed their opening party and in the future will serve as the locale for potential BBQs, fashion shows, garage sales, and any other events these creative ladies concoct.

Worship has several innovative ways to shop, as Sara and Vashti extend their ingenuity to their digital space. Yes, you can walk in and browse their extensive racks (and this is an experience I highly recommend), but you can also see featured items on their blog, Twitter account or Instagram, mostly updated daily. See a piece you just have to have and you can call the shop to reserve it. They also have an online store with an entirely different set of merchandise that can only be purchased online, but if you ask them nicely they might let you try a piece on first in the back room of their physical store.

When I dropped by the unassuming storefront on their opening day I nabbed a beautiful dark peach top with birds woven into the satin fabric for $24, a black silk Oleg Cassini blouse with a gathered waist and puffed sleeves for $42, and striking porcupine quill earrings for $22. Perhaps the best thing about Worship is that its products’ prices span from the $20 range up to close to $500 for rare pieces, so there is sure to be something to suit every pocket book. With a decade of managing other people’s vintage shops under each of their belts, you can trust that these ladies know what their merchandise is worth and also that they realize the success of their shop depends on rotating their selection to keep their customers hooked.

You’ll have to stop by the shop to check out their current vintage stock and while you’re at it be sure to ogle the limited edition Windish Michel stockings with collaged surrealist prints created by Vashti and her partner Cameron Michel ($80 a pop) and the tribal space-age jewelry by Naked Label ($50 and up), a perfect addition to your next warehouse ensemble. Current online gems include a beige, black, and white ’80s safari dress (I’m a sucker for good shoulder-pads) going for $44, a ’70s denim jacket with an embroidered Panama Red character lighting up on the back ($150), and a ’60s floral tablecloth repurposed as a whimsical boho blouse ($52). Whichever way you choose to imbibe in Worship’s fashion prowess, you’re most likely to emerge with some fresh new old duds just in time for Fall.

Worship is located at 117 Wilson Ave, between Starr and Willoughby, and can be reached by phone at 718-484-3660.  No signage as of yet, but you’ll know it by the great clothing in the window and on the rack out front.  They are open daily from 12pm to 8pm.  You can stay posted on upcoming Worship events by following them on social media.

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