CSI Rentals on Flushing Ave (photo by Katarina Hybenova)

Do you remember the days when you had to rush to Manhattan for every single piece of rented photo equipment? Well, those days are gone! A professional photo and video equipment and expendables rental store opened about a month ago right here in our beloved Bushwick, at Flushing and Irving.

In Manhattan, CSI Rentals has been operating since 2008. Its founders, George Hertz and Jacob Drezdner, both had 20+ years of experience in the industry, and the decision to open a Bushwick location was an easy one. They saw a growing community of professional photographers and filmmakers living and working here, and wanted to bring their services closer.

“We have always felt that there is a great need for a local source of gear, especially of expendables. We constantly experienced a large number of our clients crossing the bridge for a piece of equipment or just for a roll of gaffers tape,” co-owner Jacob Drezdner told us. CSI Rentals originally worked with a local studio in Brooklyn where they had a little Brooklyn Pick Up & Return, but they quickly outgrew the location. “With so many new photo and video studios opening in the area we saw a great need for a fully stocked location – rental and expendables – and luckily we found this great spot in the center of the East Williamsburg and Bushwick photo and art industry. We were warmly welcomed by so many photographers and photo studios,” Jacob continued. “They just keep thanking us for being there! What a great feeling…” he smiles.

Jacob explains that CSI Rentals hires only professional photographers and videographers to ensure that the staff is helpful and knowledgeable. Most have many years of experience assisting at high-end fashion photo shoots.

I was personally excited about their mobile site, which allows you to easily order what you need for the day and simply pick it up on Flushing Ave. They even have a loading area for car pick-ups, unlike in Manhattan where there is only commercial parking.

“There seems to be a very united and friendly community of people in Bushwick. Many of them know each other from the neighborhood, which is a difference from the city,” told us Jacob about his experience in Bushwick so far.