Their iced coffee has melted…Because they are too hot.

There’s sweat drippin’ from your face, the ice cubes in your coffee have hopelessly melted, the concrete is dangerously hot, and the air conditioner butts are dripping unknown liquids…but that’s nothing in comparison with how hot Bushwick residents are!

If this lady hoped that white would make her cooler, she was wrong. It only made her hotter.  

Straw hat, ice cream and floral dress. How much more summery than this does it get?

Who’s hotter? This happy doggy or these happy girls?  

This guy used a time machine to transport himself from 1980s Jeff Hanneman – SLAYER concert to a 2013 Bushwick street.

She walks and talks like a sunflower…


The coolness of your accessories likely signifies the hotness of your love life. This couple has it haawt!

Lucy Ann has an unfair advantage when it comes to cool clothing. She owns all the awesome vintage clothing at boutique C O L L E C T I O N S…

It doesn’t get much hotter than this… (And check out the No BS BOS guide in their passionate hands! Yep, this one was taken during the BOS weekend).


Which look did you like the best? And how are you dealing with the heat? Leave us a comment, so that we can keep on improving the street style section!