Wanted: Curtis Peterson is a suspect in the 5-person shooting (screenshot from the News 12 video)

NY Daily News just announced that 23-year old Curtis Peteron, a suspect in the Bushwick shooting, has been taken into custody after he was caught in Springfield, MA around 6PM today.

The shooting took place this Saturday at around 2:15PM at 195 Menahan St., when a gunman opened fire at Ronaldo Pizarro, injuring him and four others. Ronaldo Pizarro had filed a police report the previous day, after Peterson had been harassing his 18-year old daughter at a McDonald’s on Knickerbocker where she works.

The sources told NY Daily News that Curtis Peterson is the father of the 18-year old’s baby, and he was upset because he had learned she was dating someone else. He threw a milkshake in her face before he left the restaurant.

Allegedly, when Peterson found out that Pizarro reported the incident to the police he decided to retaliate with a gun.

The five victims of the shooting were taken to local hospitals. They are said to be stabilized.