Bushwick’s very own Darcey Leonard, doing her thing at The Mermaid Parade on Saturday.

Hello Bushwick! Did any of you make it out to the Mermaid Parade on Saturday? Of course you did. Come re-live the moments of this wonderful day with us.

The de Blasio’s were there.

Even Bill himself.

Mermaids got creative with hulla hoops.

… And had tentacle boobs.

There was expressive dancing in this part of the world.

Their faces really showed it.

There were floats. Get it–floats?

Uncle Sam was re-incarnated just for this very special day.

There were the most beautiful dolphins.

The MTA actually made it to the parade on time.

People were blue… because obviously.

Mermaids danced with policemen-mortals.

Beautiful mermaids protected their scales from the sun.

This amazing man who is literally everywhere was in the parade again.

Just look at that face.

It was the best fishy-fashion show there ever was.

People marched with pride.

There were seriously beautiful moments.

And lobsters, too!


And the most exquisite gowns.

And an alien loch ness monster-siting.