You make an eye contact with the person passing by. You can’t tell if it’s a man or a woman, mostly because of the scarf wrapped around his/her head. You tilt your head a little as if to say, “I feel you, good Bushwickian of unknown gender, I’m freezing too!!” But the good news is that you’re already outside and you probably feel like real social interaction after days of hibernation in your Bushwick apartment. So take the freezing stranger with you and check out these awesome events for this weekend!! Maybe you’ll meet a Bushwick Polar Bear….

#1 Brooklyn Nightlife Awards @ Glasslands Gallery (Sunday, 9-11:30PM, $10)

The awards for the all-borough excellence in partying with a slight LGBTQ spin to it will be handed out for the first time ever this Sunday at 9PM at Glasslands Gallery in Williamsburg. As you would imagine, many Bushwickians are amongst the nominated. Let’s cheer for Tandem, nominated in the category “The Best Bar.” Let’s make a huge wave for potential Best Bartender William Bentley Myrick, also from Tandem, and potential Best Publisher Bushwick Daily – woohoo!! Come to support the nominees and enjoy the lovely hostess, Merrie Cherry, as well as performances by AB Soto and Horrochata from Bushwig, among others!

Merri Cherry, the hostess of Brooklyn Night Life Awards (image via


#2 Babycastles and Silent Barn Present: Silent Jam 2013 @ Silent Barn (Opening reception on Sunday, 5:30-8PM)

Game makers and arcade game players, get ready to be completely overwhelmed! The very legendary gaming collective Babycastles is organizing a all weekend long gaming retreat at Silent Barn! Registered gamers will be making video games for 47 hours. Everybody else is welcome to come check out the results of the game jamming at the opening reception on Sunday from 5:30 to 8PM.

Babycastles at Silent Barn (image via NY Times)

#3 Julian Kreimer: Coming and Going @ Weeknights (Friday, 7:30-10PM)

I think that it’s clear by now how much we LOVE the tiny gallery of Jen Hitchings in her studio at The Active Space. It is incredible how many people and how much fun and great art this young gallerist is able to welcome. Tonight, Weeknights will open a solo exhibition of Julian Kreimer titled Coming and Going. You don’t want to miss this one!

Julian Kreimer opens at Weeknights (image via Weeknights)

#4 Giacometti @ Norte Maar (Saturday, 6-9PM)

If you didn’t have enough art and crowds on Friday night, we invite you to continue the art fun at Norte Maar on Saturday night. Jason Andrews has prepared a group show of contemporary drawings featuring 10 young artists well-known in the neighborhood and beyond (Anthony Browne, Maria Calandra, Kevin Curran, Ryan Michael Ford, Libby Hartle, Francesco Longenecker, Eric Mavko, Thomas Micchelli, Mathew Miller, Andrew Szobody and Alberto Giacometti) AND a precious double-sided drawing by a modern master Giacometti loaned from a private collection. At Norte Maar you will be warm, that’s for sure!

Giacometti double-sided drawing (image via Norte Maar)

#5 Strange Lens: Three Painters @ AIRPLANE (Friday, 7-10PM)

AIRPLANE, a friendly gallery located in a basement of a house on Jefferson St., is opening a painting show of three painters (Hilary Doyle, Dan Herr and Mike Olin) titled Strange Lens. The painters are driven by mysterious inner logic rather than by aesthetic or narrative aims, and so offer a truly strange perspective on art. Plastic bags, stepped on gums, comic books and trash. We can’t wait!

Hillary Doyle (image via AIRPLANE)


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