Bushwick Nightz Book Comes With a Free Glass of Champagne! Come to the Launch Party on Thursday or Get it From Amazon if You Can’t Wait!

Dallas Athent with author Prospero Vega and friends (photo by Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily)

You know that feeling when you really want something and wait for it for a long time, and when the day finally arrives, it feels kinda surreal? Well, that’s how we feel at Bushwick Daily about our book, Bushwick Nightz, because it officially launched TODAY!

A collection of short stories about Bushwick provides a rollercoaster of emotion and a time capsule of the present day of our beloved neighborhood. The book is a brainchild of one of our editors, novelist, Dallas Athent, and we co-published it with her small publishing company, Catopolis.  In 12 stories you’ll explore the bright and dark moments of all that occurs here from drug deals, to gallery shows, drinking, sex, Zagat-rated meals, gentrification and trying to figure it all out…

So run to one of the bookstores listed below to get a copy before anybody else does! Or order it from Amazon and wait until your Prime delivers it to your footsteps. Or better yet, come to our official book launch party this coming Thursday at 8PM at Lot 45! Admission is free, and naturally the books will be there for sale too, and you should know that each book at the launch comes with a free glass of champagne! The book is $9 ($7,95 at Amazon), and people say it’s a great reading for a day spent at a beach!

Buy the book at:

Better Than Jam, The Loom, 123 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn

Strand, 828 Broadway, New York

Spoonbill & Sugartown, 218 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn

Bluestockings, 172 Allen St, New York

Molasses Books, 770 Hart St, Brooklyn

In the mean time check out these quotes from the book to get a taste of what is coming your way!

“You have tiny hands,” she said. “Like a girl’s.”

Troy stopped eating.

“I can’t imagine how you get them around the neck of a guitar. Have you ever been in a fight? I bet just making a fist would –“ She stopped. Troy had gone back to eating.

“Don’t you ever just want to wind back and let me have it?” she asked quietly.

Troy raised his eyes from the faro. “I grew up in a family full of women.”

–Nathaniel Kressen, The Story of Willow & Troy


“The thing about being eight years old in the 80’s was if you had a piece of chalk in your pocket to draw a hopscotch grid or a jump rope long enough for double dutch, making friends was a breeze. I don’t know what kids do today to make friends—invent Facebook?”

-Waldina Olivera, Finding My Way Back


“Do you have any single friends at work,darling? I have so many girlfriends, and none of them can seem to find a good guy. They’re all alcoholics over here.’

‘…Or so into their stupid artsy projects that they think will make them money one day. It’s like, I don’t care about your fucking dubstep mashups. Just put on some Rihanna or something.”

–Dallas Athent, You Just Don’t Get It


“How the FUCK DO YOU GET INFINITE JEST to fit wedged up like that between your undies and your butt crack? It must be a miracle of modern jean innovation, or some art school leftfield take on “hood, inner-city jean-dragging-down-your-ass culture”. “

–Prospero Vega, Standing While Reading, Standing While Walking


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