From the Stylish and Cool, Bushwick Fashion Weekend Has Arrived!

photo by Essie Graham

Are you feeling a bit remiss that you were not in the front rows of NYFW this year? We feel your pain, your agitation and maybe your pure annoyance that Anna Wintour has yet to realize the key looks for S/S 14 can be found right in your Moore Street Loft. But it’s ok. You know why? Because Bushwick is having its very own Fashion Weekend and we can guarantee it’s going to be flipping awesome!

Hosted for the second year in a row by the lovely gals over at The Living Gallery, this weekend is sure to be a glam-a-paloozah (not to be confused with the Lobsta-Paloozah) of hot and happening Bushwickians, probably drinking PBR’s and definitely rocking out fashion that is too haute for the runways over at Lincoln Center. Yeah, we said it; we are hotter in Bushwick. Or is it hauter? Who knows, but you get the idea.

The opening reception is tonight and according to Nyssa Frank, you really, really shouldn’t miss it! It’s free until 8pm and $5 after.

So grab your Doc Marten’s, your vintage, your designer, your bling and strut your way over to The Living Gallery. … because Bushwick Fashion Weekend is on!

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