Bushwick Bill is wagin’ some Spiritual Warfare on a live band version of his 2009 LP, My Testimony of Redemption. [Austin Chronicle]

The Awl nails it with a list of Potential Upcoming Lady Trend Pieces. Relevant to all us Bushwick gals who are waiting for someone to explain to us why we don’t have kids yet. [The Awl]

Oh and if you weren’t already a little nervous about clowns, well, that was pretty shortsighted of you. [The L Magazine]

A phenomenal and frightening look at Philadelphia’s struggling schools, which might give you something to think about next time an eight year old tries to sell you fruit snacks on the L train. [n+1]

Industrial Bushwick is getting some passive housing, which involves rigorous standards for energy efficiency! [Real Estate Weekly]

And in totally f***ed up and heart breaking news, a local Bushwick mother was found dead in her Chauncey street apartment. [Brooklyn News 12]