Graphics by Patricia O’Brien. ‘Weekend Guide’ added by Bushwick Daily

Emoticon_pacmen.png Food

Breaking News: Lobstahs Attack!

Fellini Lovers Behold! Verde Coal Oven Brings 8 1/2 Screening with Sixpoint and Pizza

Emoticon_blush.png Art

Turn and Face the Strange: 6 Art Shows for the Changin’ Season

Ultimate Guide to Photoville: Best Exhibitions, Workshops and More!

Ancient Tragedy ‘Electra’ Premieres in a Bushwick Backyard Tonight

Associated Gallery to Exhibit Plants Collected from Artists and Galleries

Emoticon_batman.png Music

Listening Party: The Can’t Tells

F*CK YES: Top 10 Music Shows & Parties

Emoticon_BA.png MTA Curse

Strangely, the L Train Is Running This Weekend


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