This weekend, the September Equinox is upon us, shifting the seasons and bringing us into a new autumn season. What will the season bring? Well, I for one, am hoping for an exciting new season of leaves changing, apple picking, and, of course, the incredible new season of art in Bushwick! While the weather may or may not agree that fall is rapidly drawing near, this week’s shows are all about life, transformation, and rediscovery.

Damien Catera at OUTLET Fine Art (photo courtesy of OUTLET Fine Art)

1. Damian Catera – The End of History V.6: The Magic Flute @ OUTLET Fine Art (Fri, 7:30PM)

In this new solo endeavor, Damien Catera reinvisions the 18th century masterwork The Magic Flute through experimental sound, contemporary art and critical theory.  As positioned by the press release, “Catera’s objective with this series is to explore the philosophical, religious and political underpinnings of these historic works with a focus on how they were reflected in musical form.”

Augusten Doublet “Skin of the City” (courtesy of Fuchs Projects)

2. Skin Of The City: Photographs by Augustin Doublet @ Fuchs Projects (Fri, 7-10PM)

The photographic works of Augustin Doublet capture the grit and the everyday hum of the city, both showing its incredible diversity and its profound propensity for transformation.  His images grasp both the everyday and the extraordinary and truly moving moments that captivate this city.

Painting and plant owned by artist Amy Lincoln, from “You are my Sunshine” at Associated Gallery (courtesy of Jen Hitchings of Associated Gallery)

3.  You are My Sunshine @ Associated Gallery (Sat, 7-10PM)

In a completely innovative exhibition, the folks at Associated Gallery present this weekend a myriad of green matter; the conglomeration of dozens of participating art galleries and artists that lent their plants and works inspired by them to the gallery.  The gallery will be temporarily transformed into a veritable green house, where we see that every artist and contributor has a very different relationship with their plants and how they impact their working life and living space.

Julie Tremblay at The Active Space (courtesy of The Active Space)

4. Julie Tremblay: The Edge of Chaos @ The Active Space (Fri, 7-10PM)

Of her own work Julie Tremblay states, “My work is process oriented, vested in the handling of materials that are often the product of industry. Manipulation in tandem with transparency and light became key elements. Aluminum mesh, used for window and door screens, recently caught my attention for the wide range of ways it could be manipulated, its transparency, its reflective quality and how it has the capacity to transcend its humble nature. The material allows me to continue my research on strategies of dispersion.”  This solo show represents Tremblay’s most recent body work upon her return from a residency in Paris, France.

Joan Waltemath, Dinwoody I, 2005 (courtesy of Joan Waltemath)

5. Joan Waltemath: The Dinwoodies @ Schema Projects (Fri, 6-9PM)

Schema Projects kicks off the fall season with a bang this week with a solo exhibition of the premiere New York artist, Joan Waltemath.  Dinwoodies, named after ancient rock carvings in Wyoming, features a series of graphite on mylar drawings which capture the immediate beauty and intrinsic physicality of the human experience.

6. …Through Hard Ships to the Stars… @ Wayfarers (Sun, 8-11PM) 

For one night only, Wayfarers presents a special interactive event inspired by the origami-like fold of R. Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome. Just as origami assumes multiple shapes form a single piece of paper, this evening at Wayfarers promise to pique your own creative shape-shifting abilities as we move into a new season.