Katy Golvala


Feel like you need a dose of Bushwick to start your day? We’ve got good news: The neighborhood now has its very own morning talk show, “Good Morning Bushwick.”

Bud and Roach, co-hosts and Bushwick natives, tape the show every morning at 10 a.m. out of FirstLive, a coffee shop and live recording and broadcasting studio at 219 Central Ave.

This past Monday, I joined them to witness the magic of “Good Morning Bushwick” in real life. The setup at FirstLive is perfect for the show. Bud and Roach, both in their early 30s, sit at a table behind a pair of microphones. To their left is a giant, black leather couch where special guests post up; on the right, there’s a stage where musical guests perform. On this particular day, the duo was joined by Bud’s older brother, Big Zo, and neo-folk musician, Eli Lev. As the show recorded, Danny Garcia, the owner of FirstLive, continued to serve coffee to customers walking in.

The duo grew up in Bushwick and have been co-hosting another live program, the Bud and Roach Show, for years. They say that they don’t prepare for each episode, which makes it more like a natural conversation between two friends. The vibe between Bud and Roach is laid back and free-flowing; their familiarity with each other makes for conversation that is simultaneously hilarious and very real.

“Anyone who watches the show knows that our filter is non-functioning at best,” said Bud.

Over the course of the hour, the pair discusses all sorts of subjects: urban gun deaths, their experiences with synthetic marijuana, and the walking dead. 

“I don’t think people are prepared for the realistic possibility of a zombie apocalypse,” Bud said. Roach completely agreed:

“This is what I’m talking about right now: We’re all in a cafe/TV studio right now; we’re doing a TV show; we get to order drinks. What happens if zombies actually were real right now? What if they just came into the fucking studio and started tearing people apart?”

Then the duo gets to discussing marijuana legalization.

“[With] the frivolous arrests behind it, everything that goes on with it … I can’t wait until it’s legal,” Bud said. “I hope people get their heads out of their asses and get on board here.”

“Get your head out of your ass and put your brain in the sky. Cause you gotta get high. That’s my motto for life,” Roach said.

Though they’re definitely having a good time, their commitment to the neighborhood is evident throughout. At one point, Bud reminds viewers that the goal of “Good Morning Bushwick” is to get people active in local elections. They’ve even brought community leaders onto the show to discuss local issues. Just last week, Assemblywoman Maritza Davila stopped by to chat.

“The neighborhood molded us into who we are. I love witnessing the change and wanna be part of the change,” Bud said.

The two have big plans, both for the show and for themselves. Even though they’re only a couple months into hosting “Good Morning Bushwick,” Bud and Roach are currently raising money to take it on the road with MERV, the Mobile Espresso Recording Vehicle. It’s a tricked-out RV that serves as the mobile version of FirstLive, complete with recording equipment and an espresso machine.

As for their personal aspirations, Roach says they’re looking to become local legends.

“Our goal is to get our faces painted on the side of the 83rd precinct next to Eddie Murphy.”

You can watch and stream episodes of Good Morning Bushwick at FirstLive.us. Or, stop by FirstLive on a weekday morning, grab a coffee, and watch the show the live.

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