A Goat Yoga Pop-Up Is Coming to Bushwick in April

Evan Haddad


Imagine this: You’re in the lotus position, thoughts of serenity and avocado toast floating through your consciousness — and then a baby goat in a doggie diaper snuggles up against you.

If that sounds like a dream, it’s not. NY Goat Yoga, a studio based upstate at Gilbertsville Farmhouse, is opening a pop-up in Bushwick at 74 Ingraham St. in mid-April; and as the name implies, they are bringing goats.   

But what exactly is goat yoga? Here’s what the company says:

“Well, it’s just like a regular yoga, with stretching, postures and breathing, except with adorable and friendly goats wandering around. It is truly as much fun as it sounds. However, there are other reasons we are coming to the city.” 

The reasons, NY Goat Yoga says, are that the animals help humans foster better connections with each other. Many New York farms are also going out of business, so goat yoga is a creative way for new generations of farmers to sustain their lifestyle.

As for the doggie diapers, goats will be wearing them so as not to crap on you. Because what’s a better spoiler of tranquility than having to wipe goat shit off your yoga mat.

Classes run from April 17-June 12 and cost $40 per 45-minute class, or $50 for a class and a goat happy hour afterwards. You can buy tickets here.

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Cover image courtesy of Gilbertsville Farmhouse

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