Bushwick Singles, These L Train Missed Connections Might Be About You

Evan Haddad


This Valentine’s week, we detailed some textbook Tinder-types found in Bushwick and told you how feisty and fetish-loving our neighborhood really is. Now we’re coming back to reality with your favorite weekly roundup of all: the fascinating world of missed connections. 

Below are the stories of L train riders looking for that locomotion love. Dear readers, could these be about you?

 Slightly-Mustachioed Man seeks bouquet babe – m4w

Date: Feb. 14

She had those “come hither” eyes; he had a struggling mustache and a heart of glass — all the necessary ingredients for Bushwick bravado.

“We were both headed to work this morning and immediately made eye contact when I walked onto the train at Bedford Ave at 8 a.m. (I don’t usually have a slight mustache).”

“It’s impossible to just walk up to a girl on a crowded subway and start… talking?! I never do that. Is it weird? I don’t know! It feels weird. We were preoccupied with our surroundings and getting on about the day. There was a baby asleep in the seat in front of you, and you opened your phone to take a picture of a large bouquet from a friend.”

“Then… you got off the train at Union Square. I realized that I should have said something, even if it felt impossible.”

 Hemingway writer for a little l train surfer girl – m4w

Date: Feb. 12

Because ladies just love dat sparse prose.

“I got off the L train at Myrtle Wyckoff stop. We were chatting for a bit. I guess you are a surfer. Wanted to give you my card but couldnt find it in my pockets. Maybe you ll see this. You had a beautiful smile and great energy, very colorful. Maybe you’ll see this. I guess you were about to get off at the Wilson Stop.”

Guy gets off his computer and pours a whiskey sour and thinks about the big marlin that got away in Cuba last summer.

 Versace girl needs her Carhartt poster boy – w4m

Date. Feb 12

This “ponytail situation” never got out of control — unfortunately, it would seem.

“You were eating peanuts and kept making eye contact with me (a black girl with long hair in a black overcoat with a blue and green cropped Versace jacket underneath with black leggings and tan heels). You sat across from me and had on a purple (?) Carhartt jacket and a backpack with long hair in a ponytail situation.”

“You got off at 1st Ave. and gave me a super-cute teethy smile, then looked back at me regretfully before the doors closed. Then stared into my soul as the train passed”

 Green hair, black denim, and patches, patches, patches – m4w

Date. Feb 12

The last sentence in this ad is either confused syntax or this guy has one of the Bushwick fetishes we didn’t mention in our article.

“You were wearing a black denim jacket that had a GG Allin patch on the back. Also a patch that read ‘Fuck You’ on a donut (I think?) and one on your left arm that said ‘Human Style’ You and I both got on at Bedford and off at Myrtle-Wyckoff. We met eyes a few times.I thought you were really really gorgeous and probably like cool shit”

 Met on the l train and then came home with me – m4T

Date: Feb.10

This guy’s L train dream came true — and it seems he got more than he bargained for.

“Met you on the L train. We made eye contact across the car and then you came over and sat next to me. You were wearing a long purplish pink jacket. We both happened to get off at the Dekalb stop. You asked if you could come home with me. I reluctantly agreed. You seemed like a bit of a vagabond.”

“You met my roommate, and then decided to enter my bedroom and tear off your clothes. I was caught off guard but ultimately took mine off as well. We had sex. You put your clothes back on and then asked to use the bathroom. I said sure. You walked out my bedroom door and then never returned.”

So that’s all for the V-Day week of missed connections, Bushwick. If you have an incredible memory for strangers and think one of these posts is about you, leave us a comment — we want to pair you up with your missed connection!

Cover image courtesy of Hannah Wei on Unsplash

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