An Upcoming Happy Hour About the State of Buses in NYC Can Help Us Solve the L Train Crisis

Magdalena Waz


As the M train takes a long vacation this summer and into next year, some of us are relying more and more frequently on bus service, which can be fickle because of a number of unexpected issues related to street traffic. 

And since NYC’s transit infrastructure is old and needs updates throughout, some people are looking at ways to modernize the bus system since it will have to carry more and more people over the coming years, regardless of how long the impending L train shut down actually lasts.

Local transit-focused non-profit Riders Alliance will partner with CARTO, a mapping startup based in East Williamsburg, to host a happy hour focused specifically on how new technology can be used to make our bus rides more efficient and smoother overall. And no, they’re not just talking about USB ports under the seats, Governor Cuomo.

The event, aptly named “Buses, Beers and Bytes: A Happy Hour for Tech and Public Transit in New York,” will take place at CARTO on July 25 at 6:30 p.m. You should expect drinks and an in-depth look into “how civic tech is changing the future of buses in New York City.”

Panelists will include Lela Prashad, CEO and Co-Founder at NiJeL; Tabitha Decker, Director of Research & NYC Program Director at TransitCenter; and Natasha Saunders, Riders Alliance member-leader.

Register here for what is sure to be an eye-opening chat regarding the future of public transit in a city that desperately needs solutions quickly.


Featured image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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