Magdalena Waz


Sure, scavenger hunts can sometimes feel like chores, especially if they’re part of team-building exercises or the dreaded work retreat day. But BklynQuest is different. Why? Because it involves mostly eating and drinking in Bushwick, of course.

Founder Emily Seger organizes quests in different neighborhoods a few times a year. And this Saturday, July 8, you’ll only have to travel to the center of Maria Hernandez Park at 1 p.m. to participate in the newest iteration of the adventure. 

Wheelbarrow race #bklynquest

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In the past, teams have had to complete hot dog eating contests, drinking challenges, and photo tasks—all documented on Instagram—in order to compete for the grand prize.

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Even if you don’t have a team, Seger encourages you to come anyway and meet some new people for an afternoon of shenanigans before the wrap party at Clara’s at 7:30 p.m. Participants will get drink specials even if they don’t win anything! 

There is a suggested donation of $10; register here.

Featured image courtesy of BklynQuest.