A New York City theater company doing a series of productions with a play in each of the five boroughs is preparing to present its Brooklyn production in Bushwick this spring—and to incentivize Bushwick talent to support the production, they’re offering a cash prize to the local artist who designs the best flyer for the show.

All local visual artists with proof of a Bushwick address are invited to participate in the Working Theater’s flyer competition for its show “Bamboo in Bushwick,” which will go into production this winter.

The play was developed through conversations with residents of Bushwick, including members of Working Theater venue partner Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizen’s Council (RBSCC) and the Salvation Army Community Center.

Any new or existing work of art in any 2D medium “that represents the challenges of gentrification in Bushwick,” the subject at the heart of the play, is eligible for consideration for the contest; artists can also submit multiple pieces.

One lucky artist will receive $250 for their winning submission, and the artist whose piece is the runner up will receive $100.

The piece should be either a vertical or horizontal rectangle that could be reduced to work within a 6”X9” format.

Submissions can be emailed to info at the working theater dot org; organizers ask that participants include their name, contact information and mailing address, as well as the number of years they’ve lived in Bushwick. And finally, artists will need to include a two-sentence statement about what Bushwick means to them.

Best of luck, artists of Bushwick!

Featured image: Bushwick street art at Broadway and Myrtle Avenue. Photo courtesy of the Working Theater.