In one week, the American public will cast their votes for the next President of the United States, ending an election which has been inarguably very different from most of the elections in our country’s history.

If you need a distraction from the polls between now and then, head on down to the YouTube page of Bushwick’s own Napkin Killa, whose bar napkin caricatures long time readers may recognize from hisĀ 2014 Bushwick Daily Insta-Takeover.

On Sunday, Mr. Killa and his associates over at Killa Killa TV premiered the pilot episode of an animated series called “Wise Guyz.”

The show’s premise is simple and classic: protagonists Hank, an angel, and Larry, a Devil, are paired up by God (who is voiced by the fantastic Dana Gourrier) and sent on missions to serve as the conscience of mortals in need of a moral compass.

Can you think of anyone running for president who might be a good candidate for inserting into this satirical formula?

Though the show was first imagined years ago, this first seven-minute episode was developed in its entirety in under a month. “Though it was a crazy labor of love, I’m insanely proud of this,” Napkin Killa told his fans in email.

The timing isn’t just pegged to the upcoming election: The Killa Killa team include a heartfelt dedication in the film: “In loving memory of composer, friend, collaborator, animator & saint Ron Grant, who wrote and sang the theme song but passed just before the release of this cartoon.”

Check out the show below!