A local organization dedicated to improving the lives of New York’s neediest is rallying tomorrow in support of local businesses who refuse to sell dangerously unpredictable synthetic marijuana—and you’re invited to join them.

The Doe Fund, a New York City not for profit which provides supportive services, housing and economic opportunity to formerly homeless and incarcerated men, veterans and HIV positive individuals, has organized the march, which will start at the intersection of Broadway and Lewis Avenue, near where the first victims of the recent huge K2 overdose were discovered on the morning of Tuesday, July 12th.

The march will pass beneath the entrance to the J, M and Z station at the intersection of Myrtle Avenue and Broadway, past Big Boy Deli and Smoke Shop, the two businesses that are subject to NYPD nuisance abatement cases due to suspected involvement in the sale of the bad batches of K2.

Marchers will distribute “No K2” signs to local businesses where employees are interested in displaying their commitment to keeping the drug off the streets. Doe Fund outreach efforts started distributing the signs Monday in preparation for the march.

“What we are seeing now with K2 is exactly what we saw with the crack epidemic in the 1980s. Drugs continue to devastate our poorest communities and send countless people into the criminal justice system, away from their families and communities, out of mainstream society, and into the cycle of poverty, incarceration, homelessness, and hopelessnesss,” George McDonald, Founder and President of The Doe Fund, said in a statement.

The march starts at 2pm at the corner of Broadway and Lewis, and all members of the community are welcome to participate.

See you there, Bushwick.

Featured image: a recent Doe Fund rally against K2 in front of Big Boy Deli. Photo Courtesy of The Doe Fund.