Jacque Medina


Sunrise/Sunset, Bushwick’s beloved Evergreen Street cafe and bar, recently opened another location in Montreal, Canada. The new Canadian edition doubles as a retail shop, featuring art from several Brooklyn designers.

Sunrise/Sunset and Henry’s Wine Bar owner Henry Glucroft’s inspiration for the new location came from his French upbringing and love of local art. “I grew up in France and many of my best friends ended up in Montreal,” said Glucroft. “Margaux Hartpence who is my partner in this Canadian venture, and the main operator, was fed up with meaningless jobs and had been talking about doing a retail concept in Canada for some time. Brooklyn is a creative pioneer in the world and me being here would give us the opportunity to represent many of these brands more easily in Montreal, but we also work with plenty of brands from France and the rest of the world.”

Sunrise Cafe & Collections features original pieces from local artists, vendors and designers like Dusen Dusen, Aelfie, Chen Chen & Kai Williams, Greet N Potatoes and Meow Meow Tweet, among others. 

Check out @Sunrisemtl on Instagram, and if you’re ever in Montreal, pop by the shop to show some local love! 

Featured image courtesy of Sunrise Cafe & Collections.