Bushwick’s Express Yourself Barista Bar Will Be Closed Temporarily

Magdalena Waz


One of Bushwick’s most spacious cafes, Express Yourself Barista Bar, has recently perplexed our readers with an unannounced closure. Fearing the worst, we reached out to the owners to see if we could get an answer.

Ronnie Diaz, one of the owners, got back to us to deliver both sad and reassuring news. They unfortunately had to close up shop due to a family emergency. While the closure is only temporary, the owners won’t know when they will be reopening for some time. The current estimate is anywhere between one and two months.

Diaz notes that there is a lot of uncertainty right now, but when they do reopen, they will be sure to keep Bushwick Daily posted so that we can get back in there for our donut and coffee fix. But in the meantime, keep the Diaz family in your thoughts!

Photo by Lucia Reed.

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