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Standing just a few short blocks from the Montrose L station, The Breeze––a brand new warehouse-to-office development on 315 Meserole St.––has just announced that it will be housing a rooftop bar and restaurant operated by the founding team behind the Lavender Lake bar in Gowanus, Brooklyn, that also features a large outdoor space.  

Although a name for The Breeze’s anticipated rooftop hasn’t been made public yet, according to developer Hudson Companies, the space plans have all been finalized.

The 2,000 square-foot fourth-floor space will include an indoor glass restaurant that features a 4,000-square-foot landscaped terrace with outdoor dining options. The state of the art penthouse, which will house the rooftop bar, can accommodate up to 350 people and offers access to the landscaped courtyard below.

Just as with the bar and restaurant’s name, the menu is also shrouded in secrecy at this stage. However, owner of Lavender Lake, Adam Sober, prepared a statement for curious Brooklynites:

“We intend to offer a food and drink menu that leans towards casual but also tends to the demands of quality, craftsmanship and modern mindfulness that we know our clientele will expect. Our rooftop joint will cater to afternoon business lunches, after work socializing, late night fun and elegant events.”

Rendition of the Breeze.

The culinary options don’t stop at the fourth and penthouse floors though: Hudson Companies also announced that Auro Cocina, a Latin fusion restaurant, will offer menus for lunch and dinner crowds along with a full bar, in a 3,600 square-foot ground floor retail space that overlooks the property courtyard.

Beyond the food and drinks, the 100,000 square-foot former pillow factory will primarily be used as a “creative office space”––a newly popularized term in commercial real estate that essentially says goodbye to clunky cubicles and stiff desk seats, and hello to bean bag chairs and open space (think Silicon Valley-esque office space).

Ben Waller, the executive leasing broker for the Breeze, believes the new trends The Breeze is capitalizing on can help the culture of the surrounding East Williamsburg area.

“The North Brooklyn office market has become increasingly more active as businesses are thriving in this work, live, play culture. This property is really set up to be a cultural hub for the neighborhood, where people can gather and enjoy everything the area has to offer from food to culture and innovation.”

Hudson Companies acquired the property on 315 Meserole St. in 2016 for $28 million and forecasted to spend another $25 million on its redevelopment, according to Crain’s New York Business. However, it’s clear this valuation is worth it to the developers, as Chris Tepper, Senior Project Manager at Hudson Companies, believes the ambitious property will rise as a model for others.

“With high ceilings, lots of light and protected 360-degree views, 24/7 access, a secure bike room, landscaped outdoor space, and an exciting rooftop venue just upstairs, the Breeze will be one of the top office and retail destinations for companies that are increasingly drawn to the convenience and culture of North Brooklyn.”

All images courtesy of The Breeze.

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