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On June 24, a new web series, “Trans Monogamist,” aired its first episode. Created by Bushwick-based filmmakers Joshua Byron, Alfredo Franco, and musician Shelby Everett, “Trans Monogamist” is “about a trans and non-binary dating columnist who works to make their peace with monogamy in Brooklyn while their friends stir up their own trouble,” as mentioned in their press release. 

“Trans Monogamist” is set in the light-hearted spirit often associated with “Gilmore Girls” or “Sex in the City,” with the inclusion of queer and non-binary characters that, until now, have often been left out of traditioal sitcoms. “Though these shows aren’t necessarily queer, they have certain understones of queerness,” Byron told Bushwick Daily. That being said, “Trans Monogamist” brings these qualities to life, shedding light onto the queer perspective. 

The webseries came to fruition in early 2018 when Byron, Franco, and Everrett wanted to work on a creative project together in which they can utilize their own individual talents in a collaborative way. The trio, all form Indiana, existed in the same creative circles but never came together until they all moved to Bushwick and found themselves in the same places. 

“Being a part of the show has reminded me of the many ways I can work my brain,” Everett said of the heavy role of artistic collaboration that was necessary to bring the show to where it needs to be. Everett not only acts in the show but also provides the music and helped out with hair and makeup.

The show’s episodes are often gleaned from the cast’s real life experiences and speaks to the eclecticness of Bushwick as a newly youth-centered neighborhood. “In a way, ‘Trans Monogamist’ is about us navigating and surviving the many facets of our own lives here in Brooklyn,” Franco explained. Most of the actors in the show are friends of Byron, Franco, and Everett. “It was a matter of asking people if they were around and had time to shoot for a little bit,” Byron said. 

On July 2, there will be a launch event at the Phluid Project in Manhattan. The Phluid Project is a gender-neutral shop in Noho founded by Rob Smith. Where traditional retail spaces are usually strictly defined by gender, the Phluid Project acts as a community space for all genders to shop, become inspired, and hangout without having to worry about the boundaries of a label. Along with a screening of the first few episodes, majority of the cast will be around, along with a Q+A moderated by queer Peter Valenti of Open Flame

Trans Monogamist was produced by Artless Media, an independent film company that works with unconventional and experimental projects. The show in total consists of eight episodes, which will be released on the production company’s YouTube over the course of the summer. Though the show is just now being released, the crew is excited to get started on the next season. “We’re thinking of even more ways we can incorporate our individual creative sub-projects into ‘Trans Monogamist,’” Franco said, to keep it relative and authentic. 

All of the episodes are available on the Artless Media YouTube channel, and will be posted every Monday through August. 

Images courtesy of Atlas Media.

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