Do you remember last year’s Juno snowstorm? (Photo: Katie Killary)

Bushwick is bracing itself for a potentially historic snowstorm Jonas. (And yes, for now feel free to joke about the eponymous Weezer song). The snowstorm is said to bring crippling snow, heavy icing and blizzard conditions. Luckily we all know the drill by now, and so people in Bushwick are already shopping for food and snow shovels; the wilder ones are preparing snowstorm parties or looking for snowstorm hookups while the tamer ones are getting ready for a weekend of food and Netflix.

If you’re like us and are still due for an emergency food shopping trip, brace yourself for crowds because majority of popular Bushwick supermarkets say that already at 2PM they have more people shopping then usual.

Food Bazaar at 1102 Myrtle Ave reports crows and expects it to get only worse towards the night. People are buying a lot of water as well as salt. Food Bazaar at 1590 Gates Ave haven’t noticed anything unusual as far as the number of customers go. Food Bazaar at 21 Manhattan Ave is selling shovels and salt like crazy, as well as lotsa groceries such as water, milk, and bread.

Over at Hana Natural (24 Wyckoff Ave) the only cashier working this afternoon was experiencing hell because so many people were already shopping. Associated at 229 Knickerbocker Ave reports also more people than usual and is bracing itself for the late afternoon crowds.

Brooklyn Natural at 49 Bogart St said that they were not even busy. That means that you can shop crowdless if you’re willing to pay extra.

We were notified that Citi Bike system will be closed tonight as of 11PM, which means a ‘no’ to your snowstorm biking adventures.

Generally, Bushwick businesses don’t plan on being closed this weekend. Several restaurants in Bushwick, including Maite and Faro, are offering Saturday snowstorm specials from wood oven-baked pasta to half-priced champagne to hot cocktails. The Rookery‘s Jamie Schmitz told us that they are always inclement weather thanks to their supply of excellent scotches and whiskeys, and because you can sit next to fire and watch the craziness through huge windows.

MTA is not running worse than on a usual snowless weekend.

Check out also blizzard alerts and tips, and stay tuned to Bushwick Daily for more updates if necessary.

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