Almost 2 millions of you, beloved readers, visited Bushwick Daily in 2015 (whoa!), and while last year’s most popular list was primarily dedicated to the Bushwick-loving celebrity, this year brought a greater variety in topics you enjoyed. Below are ten most popular articles based on the total number of visitors they received. Let’s revisit them, shall we?

#1 Björk Was At The Well and Tradesman Last Night. Bushwick is Officially the Coolest Now!

In early evening hours of February 2015, several Bushwick residents spotted the Icelanding queen of Avant-Garde in the area around the Montrose L train stop in East Williamsburg. Bjork was buying beers for her crew at Tradesman bar and subsequently disappeared in the depths of The Well enjoying a Vessel concert. The rumours had it that Bjork was spending extended time in East Williamsburg due to her rehearsals for her MoMA retrospective and her six NYC shows in connection with the release of her album Vulnicura. Following our write-up several of Bushwick OGs emailed us that Bjork has been hanging out in Bushwick long before it officially became “the seventh coolest neighborhood” on the planet. Obviously!

#2 OMG! Humongous Outdoor Bar, Nowadays, Opens Tomorrow off the Halsey L

You guys went nuts when Nowadays–a new, massive, 16,000 square feet outdoor urban oasis with a bar, food, picnic tables and games opened off the Halsey L stop in Ridgewood. And who could blame you? Nowadays is awesome and we can’t wait for the summer to hang there once again.

#3 Massive Outdoor Pop Up Club, Brooklyn Mirage, is Bushwick’s Newest Party Paradise

Another outdoor venue that made Bushwick’s collective heart beat fast! Brooklyn Mirage (99 Scott Ave) from the party collective City Fox, came and went. It was a good summer, even though Brooklyn Mirage is not coming back next year due to the neighbors’ complaints about their loud, trendy EDM neighbor.  The silver lining? The space will now belong to the second location of Bun-ker Vietnamese and other very cool ventures.

#4 March Explosion: 11 New Restaurants Opened This Month in Bushwick

Did we mention that a lot of new restaurants opened in spring of 2015?

#5 10 New Places Opening in Bushwick and Ridgewood This Fall to Get Excited About

…And in fall….

#6 Man Fatally Shoots Girlfriend in the Head on Suydam and Knickerbocker

A man in his thirties fatally shot his girlfriend, Tanya Collazo, in a basement of 248 Suydam St. near Knickerbocker Ave. The news came as a shock to the community. RIP, Tanya.

#7 City is Sending 50 Sex Offenders for Housing to Bushwick’s Non-Profit for Homeless

The news that City’s Department of Homeless Services decided to send 50 sex offenders to The Peter Jay Sharp Center for Opportunity for formerly homeless and incarcerated caused a huge divide in the community. While many of our readers were against the sex offenders replacing “the men in blue” in their transitional residential work, others argued that sex offenders are entitled to a second chance and life in East Williamsburg. The dispute between the City and The Doe Fund is still ongoing. The Doe Fund has collected almost 3,500 signatures on their online petition thus far.

#8 Maria Hernandez Who Gave the Name to Bushwick Park Was Shot in 1989 in the War on Drugs

We are glad that you liked our piece examining the history behind Maria Hernandez Park and the woman who gave it its name. Maria Hernandez, a Bushwick resident and a mother of two, was shot by drug dealers through the window of her apartment in August 1989. Both Maria and her husband were known in the community for their activism (and sometimes aggression) against drugs in their community.

#9 Bushwick Open Studios 2015 Guide: 22 Super-Epic Parties to Attend This Weekend

Ahh, summer, ah, Bushwick Open Studios… Do you remember all the crazy parties you went to? Interestingly, our party guide to BOS trumped all of our multiple guides to actual art during the festival. What should we make of this piece of information?

#10 The Host of Boobs of Bushwick Party Got Punched by a Mystery Woman. Help to Identify Her!

Bushwick loves its boobs and the founder of The Boobs of Bushwick blog, Kate Chiplinsky. At their first party some crazy shit went down, and Kate ended up punched.