Image: courtesy of Mezcal Ilegal

Big sign “DONALD ERES UN PENDEJO” projected against a building on Wyckoff Avenue greeted people who came to the Saturday Holiday show at House of Yes in Bushwick.

It was a message from Ilegal Mezcal, an indie, small-batch, mezcal producer from Oaxaca, Mexico who has earned itself a name with a guerilla campaign aimed at Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

“Donald, eres un pendejo” loosely translates to “Donald, you are an asshole,” and the founder of Ilegal Mezcal, John Rexer, kicked off the campaign shortly after Trump announced his candidacy in July and gave a speech, in which he accused Mexican immigrants of bringing drugs and crime to the U.S. as well as of being rapists.

“Trump consistently insults the immigrant community, especially Mexicans. He’s incapable of engaging in constructive and compassionate discourse. In other words he’s a super douche,” John Rexer told us. “In Oaxacan style we decided to have some fun and give voice to a sentiment that a lot of people feel: ‘Donald Eres Un Pendejo.’ We felt obligated to do so,” John continued.

John told us that Ilegal Mezcal chose Bushwick on Saturday because many of their team-members live here, it is vibrant, rough around the edges and full of street art.

Since Trump hasn’t stopped being an asshole, the campaign continues to this day, and Ilegal Mezcal has been plastering the walls and sidewalks around the city as well as in Bushwick with the same design. The company is currently working with local bars like Hi Hello who are featuring #AShotAtDonald to help them raise money for NYSYLC & IDEAS of UCLA.