Image via Google Maps

A six-story apartment building is going up on the lot between the landmarked Cook Mansion (aka Catherine Lipsius House, aka Spooky Mansion) and the elevated M train tracks, which means that the little ugly KFC will likely get swallowed by the construction, reported YIMBY today.

Not that we will miss that KFC too much–I personally have never seen a living soul entering the house of junk food but that particular KFC was a good source of ghost jokes due to its proximity to the Spooky Mansion, as well as for an occasional offering of free LSD (aww).

The entire area spanning from Little Skips to the Cook Mansion has been in a transformation for the past couple of years, and several new apartment buildings were erected there, so the news of yet another apartment building is not shocking.

The new development is reported to have 52 units, stacked on top of a 9,400-square-foot retail space on the ground floor and 9,200 square feet of community facilities on the second floor.