Have you ever found yourself without a job moving from one side of the counter in your favorite coffee shop to another? Trevor’s a character in the new web series Counter Intuitive did.

New 10-episode web series follows Trevor’s story, and it highlights the ups and downs of being on both sides of the counter. It has been filmed in or around Little Skips in Bushwick. Following different characters, each episode varies in tone, length and degree of surrealism. The cast is made up of fellow co-workers and real customers which means that, though often scripted, many of the episodes are based on real life events. The episodes were consciously crafted to stand alone but when seen together the story of Trevor.

The series is a doing of filmmakers and Little Skips baristas,Trevor Hamilton and Cody Swanson,  who is also the creator of Mostly Awake, a feature film set in Bushwick. “Trevor and I still work together both at Little Skips and creatively, and got a new idea this last Spring involving our coffee shop co-workers which ended up becoming a web series centered around the world we all knew and shared–coffee,” Cody emailed.

So if you are a coffee aficionado or better yet a Little Skips regular, attend tonight’s premiere at Videology (Videology Bar & Cinema, 308 Bedford Ave, Williamsburg) at 9PM. The admission is free!