Katarina Hybenova


Many things can happen in seven years. According to science, our bodies make a huge set of new cells every seven or so years. There are 2,555 days in seven years, and looking back at this time, which I spent immersed with Bushwick Daily, I am humbled and overwhelmed with many feelings, especially because I know that my seven-year cycle as the owner of this website is coming towards its final stretch.

After seven years of living and breathing Bushwick Daily, which include over 1,200 bylines, I have decided to sell the website to a person or an organization with an undying passion for this neighborhood and impeccable business skills to bring this website to the next level.

I have been certain for a while now that it’s time for me to move on with my life and to dedicate myself to other projects.

I have always loved our Bushwick community and have been very transparent about Bushwick Daily and its inner workings. That’s why I come to our community once again with a public open call for the best possible buyer.

Here is my wish list of qualities and characteristics I am looking for in a buyer:

→ The buyer is simply amazing.

→ The buyer has a deep appreciation for Bushwick and for the role of Bushwick Daily in this neighborhood.

→ The buyer wants to see the neighborhood grow in a just and sustainable way.

→ The buyer understands and honors the highest standards of journalistic independence and integrity.

→ The buyer understands and is well-versed in the business of digital news.

→ The buyer has a vision and desire to grow Bushwick Daily beyond what it currently is.

→ The buyer is willing and able to pay the fair price.

→ The buyer honors human rights and civil liberties, and is not a Republican.

If you feel you’re a good match, please send a brief introduction and an explanation of your interest to [email protected].

As far as our readers and sponsors are concerned, please know that I will maintain the continuity and high quality of Bushwick Daily regardless of the talks with any potential buyers. It is my intention to find a buyer that will keep the current staff and freelancers as well.

I am happy to answer your questions in the comments below. (I won’t be answering questions on Facebook.)

Thank you all for your support and understanding.