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Bushwick Daily is excited to premiere the latest release from Primitive Heart, the project of the dynamic Brooklyn based electronic artist Dani Mari. Late last year, the multi-instrumentalist, visual artist, and producer released her debut full- length, No Fear In Love, and has since shared several stunning remix versions of tracks from the album. Today, we’re sharing an exclusive first listen to the entirety of No Fear In Love Remixes

Photo by Angelys Ocana.

This remix collection includes several previously released tracks, including the ethereal sounding remix of “Dying To Live” by Memoryhouse and Sun Glitters’ spell-binding take on “Baby.” Additionally, the album features two never before heard remixes of “Forever” by The Beremy Jets and Dino Tavone, and the first remix of “Ghost” by Dog Headed Men. The two remixes of “Forever” present two starkly unique takes on the track, with the Beremy Jets version delivering a more resonant, celestial vibe while Dino Tavone adds more danceable, groove-laced elements to the song. For “Ghost,” Dog Headed Men add some chaos, sprinkling indecipherable spoken word elements, and a commanding, attention-grabbing intro. 

Photo by Elizabeth Thorpe.

The album also includes remixes from an eclectic cast of talented electronic musicians such as Human Pattern, Monotonoise, Anoe, Maude Vôs, Churchhill Garden, Brian Thabault, ASHKANN, Death Of Codes, Misophonic Ensemble, Beatastic, and Revolution, I Love You

You can stream No Fear In Love Remixes right here:

You can purchase No Fear In Love on limited edition blue or red vinyl via Bandcamp. The album was released by the Brighton, U.K. label Shore Dive Records and the Brooklyn-based label Grind Ethos.

Primitive Heart is performing in Los Angeles at The Echo this Sunday, January 12th with Silent Em, Milliken Chamber, and Purple Dynamine.

All photos courtesy of Primitive Heart. Cover photo by Fuel Heart Production.

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