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Happy Halloween! 

If you’re not in the spirit just yet, then the brand new video from local artist Kacie Marie for her new song “Sleepaholic,” has just the right amount of darkness to get you in the mood. Bushwick Daily is thrilled to premiere this incredible video, which Marie produced and edited herself with co-direction from Raul Gonzo

The Bushwick based multidisciplinary artist clearly takes pride in every detail of her videos and their relationship with the song, astutely blending multiple scenes into a dark and eerie cinematic experience. Marie transposes footage of herself submerged in dimly lit water across a variety of stark scenery, including barren roadways, black clouds that morph to blood red, and a gray cemetery. 

Taken by itself, “Sleepaholic,” which was produced by Joel Hamilton at Williamsburg’s Studio G, is a powerful track driven by Marie’s uncanny ability to perfectly vocalize the gloominess of the song, whether through her soft whisper in the song’s intro or her stirring, trance-like croon in the chorus. Her voice, paired with a throbbing goth-pop beat and deliberate, creeping guitars are enough to give anyone goosebumps and a perfect guide through the video’s film noir aesthetic.

Stream the video below:

Kacie Marie recently released a limited run vinyl single, which contains two songs, “Sleepaholic” and “Captive.” You can purchase a copy on blue vinyl via her webstore

“Sleepaholic” is also available on all streaming platforms. To keep up with Kacie Marie, including future performance dates, check out her website and follow her on Instagram.

Cover image courtesy of Kacie Marie

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