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Almost a year after Parrot Dream released their long-awaited debut album, Light Goes, the group has returned with a powerful addendum of sorts—an EP titled Light Goes B-Sides, which as you may be able to gather, is comprised of three songs that didn’t make the cut on their 2018 debut.

While in many cases ending up on the cutting room floor may be indicative of lesser quality, that’s not the case here. Rather, their omission from Light Goes allows this three-song collection to have a powerful life of its own, while still complementing its predecessor’s broader sonic stylings.

Unlike a full-length, where the listener can sometimes get lost in the mesh of sounds, the three tracks on B-Sides don’t blend together. Instead, each stands out for its own distinct sonic personality. The EP’s lead single, “Woven,” fits in perfectly with Parrot Dream’s well-developed heavenly and luminous dream pop aesthetic, as it’s propelled by vocalist Christina Hansen Appel’s piercing melodies and large, atmospheric synths.

The middle track, “The Best,” stands out for its lush tones, an infectious synth hook, and guitarist Gonzalo Guerrero’s mesmerizing solo, before nicely wrapping up with the sharp and biting, “Grey Falls.” This final song commences with booming drums that ease into perfectly interwoven guitars and synths that move forward at a breakneck pace throughout the song’s duration. 

Though the band doesn’t shy away from crafting cinematically pristine slices of dream pop, there’s plenty of subtle nuances outside of that realm on B-Sides that allow it to differentiate itself as its own powerful autonomous release.

Light Goes – B-Sides is available for digital download via Good Eye Records. The EP is also available on all streaming platforms.

Catch Parrot Dream performing live at Alphaville this Sunday, Aug. 4 with Reduction Plan, Grave Saddles, and Should’ve.

All images courtesy of Parrot Dream. Cover photo by Catalina Kulezar.

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