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Atlas Engine has all but perfected the art of crafting tracks that sound larger than life, with songs like the booming “Shadow Dancer” and the serene “Wild Orchard” as two prime examples. The project’s latest track, “Running,” is no exception, as with the mixing help of Andy LeMaster (Bright Eyes, Better Oblivion Community Center), and mastering touch of Joe Lambert (The National, Local Natives), principal songwriter Nick Lafalce delivers another highly textured sonic landscape complete with luminous, multi-tracked harmonies and powerful guitars that are both sleek and shimmering.

While Atlas Engine’s last single “New Constellation” saw the East Williamsburg-based musician successfully dabble in some subtle elements of electronica, “Running” sees Lafalce shifting to a more classically guitar-driven indie rock sound centered on a series of hook-filled riffs and bright melodies.

Lyrically, Lafalce tackles some relatable themes, including career and overall life ambivalence, once again connecting with his audience on a personal level. In a recent statement, he described the competing internal struggle between creating art and making ends meet that inspired the themes present throughout “Running”:

“Not knowing what you want is one thing, but it’s almost worse when you do know and they’re at opposite ends of the road. You get a job to support your passion and wake up one day to realize the effort you put towards each prevents you from truly succeeding in the other.”

This common milieu that many New York City creatives confront in early adulthood permeates throughout the track’s almost four-minute runtime, driving the combination of the song’s thematic and sonic elements to create an aural push-pull dynamic that’s sure to captivate any listener.

“Running” is available on all streaming platforms. Stream it below via Spotify:

Atlas Engine will be celebrating the release of “Running” on Saturday, July 20 at Pete’s Candy Store as part of Left Bank Magazine’s Summer Fête

All images courtesy of Atlas Engine. Cover photo by Danielle Guelbart.

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