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Fans of punk rock music powered by women and gender non-conforming musicians will be thrilled to learn that the LOUD WOMEN of London are expanding their DIY punk operations to Brooklyn! The organization, which originally formed in the United Kingdom back in 2015, is celebrating the launch of their New York chapter with a raucous gig this Friday at The Well that will feature three bands from Brooklyn and two of London’s finest riot grrrl acts. Brooklyn’s Basic Bitches, Slut Magic, and the founder of LOUD WOMEN’s New York Chapter, Cady Siregar, will be performing alongside Londoners I, Doris and T-Bitch.

The organization has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception four years ago. To get some insight on the group’s success, I recently spoke with LOUD WOMEN’s founder and member of I, Doris, Cassie Fox, to chat about the organization’s beginnings, their ethos, and their plans for the future:

Congratulations on the opening of the New York chapter of LOUD WOMEN! Tell us a little bit about the origins of LOUD WOMEN. How and why did you decide to start this group?

LOUD WOMEN originally started as a one-time gig in London in early 2015. At the time, I was playing in an all-women band and we found it annoying that we were always the token women on the bill playing with loads of men. We had plenty of female friends in bands, so I wanted to put on an all-women event just for our friends to play. It was well attended and was a huge success!

How did LOUD WOMEN grow after that first show?

Since the first gig was such a huge success, it was really a no-brainer that we should organize another show. After that, we started doing LOUD WOMEN shows on a monthly basis. The word started spreading about the quality of the shows, such that bands began reaching out to me to play LOUD WOMEN nights. It’s really taken on a life of its own. Through our community and things like our website, we have resources that allow female musicians to network, promote their music, and find band members in a safe and inclusive environment.

It seems like LOUD WOMEN has grown beyond just monthly shows.  You have an e-zine and a yearly festival as well. Tell us a little about those aspects of LOUD WOMEN.

Yes, in addition to the monthly gigs in London, we now organize an annual festival every September. It’s currently our main event of the year. Right now, it’s a one-day festival but we’re hoping to transform it into a multiple day event. We usually book 20 acts for the festival and we host it at a large venue that has two stages. It’s growing every year. The bands that play the event get a lot of exposure via radio broadcasts like BBC6 Music, XFM and other mainstream stations, that support the event by playing the artists and interviewing them.

How did the expansion of LOUD WOMEN to New York happen?

The New York chapter is starting thanks to Cady Siregar. Cady is originally from Brooklyn, but lived in London for a period, where she became involved with LOUD WOMEN through her band Spare Rib. She loved the DIY community and was actively involved, so when she moved back to Brooklyn, she wanted to start a LOUD WOMEN chapter in New York.

That’s awesome! So, what do you see happening next with LOUD WOMEN?

We’re looking to partner and work with other festivals. Specifically, we want to work with more mainstream promoters to help them find the artists that LOUD WOMEN works with and supports. Often times, the big festival line-ups do not have enough women on their bills. So, we’re here to say that our music communities have tons of excellent women and non-conforming bands.

In addition the LOUD WOMEN chapter in New York, we are also expanding to California and Australia. Rynn Miller is starting a chapter in Los Angeles, which plans on hosting a monthly series of workshops and panels, as well as a festival in June. There’s also a chapter opening in Perth, Australia. We’re taking over the world!

Can you tell us a little bit about the bands that are playing the show at The Well on Friday? How was the show curated?

Cady and I worked on the lineup together. Basic Bitches and Slut Magic are both bands that have played LOUD WOMEN events in London, and they were very keen to get involved with this event here in the states. They’re both awesome bands! Cady also has a new band that may play on Friday. I, Doris is my band, and T-Bitch are our mates from here in London. They’ll be flying over with us to perform. They put on an amazing live show!

Finally, who are some of your current favorite bands in the U.K. that fit into the LOUD WOMEN mold? Give us Brooklynites some recommendations!

I’m a big fan of Dream Nails. They’re great and my band has played with them a ton of times. They’re touring all over Europe and they call themselves “feminist witches.” Petrol Girls are another LOUD WOMEN favorite. Their sound is a little more hardcore and they’re led by a loud, screaming woman. I tend to enjoy loud screaming women!

For more information on LOUD WOMEN, including additional upcoming events and other community activities, check out their website.

Don’t miss the LOUD WOMEN NYC launch party at The Well this Friday! Doors open at 8 p.m.!

This week Bushwick features a slew of excellent gigs. Put a cherry on January and get your February rolling by attending one of these awesome shows:

Wednesday, January 30th

Bushies, Oh Oh Ecstasy, Pastel Hell, Top Nachos at The Safari Room at El Cortez, 7 p.m.

Stop by The Safari Room At El Cortez on Wednesday night for a gig overflowing with psychedelic punk and pop tunes! New Paltz punks Top Nachos are quickly becoming a favorite in these parts after the release of their fast and fun debut album Dank Side of the Moon on King Pizza Records back in September. You’ll also be treated to a powerful set by Oh Oh Ecstasy, a psychedelic “death rock” collective revolving around principal member Peter Carlovich. Pastel Hell performs a self-described blend of the wittiness of Father John Misty with the pop weirdness of Ariel Pink, while Bushies finished 2018 by sharing their debut self-titled EP, which includes some danceable punk-influenced tracks such as “TV” and “Flesh Puppet.”

Top Nachos

Thursday, January 31st

White Rope, Upsetter, Blood Blush, Amen at Alphaville, 8 p.m.

Alphaville is going dark on Thursday, as the venue plays host to four goth influenced Brooklyn-based acts. Noise-punk trio White Rope are celebrating the release of their first ever album, No Funeral. Don’t let the title mislead you, as the band’s sound is definitely dark in the style of Depeche Mode and The Cure. Joining them for the celebration are Blood Blush, and Amen, two acts that play a similar style of haunting post-punk, whereas Upsetter brings a more electronic sound to the fold.

Friday, February 1st

Sad Baxter, Long Neck, Keep Score, Benchmark at Gold Sounds Bar, 7 p.m.

Nashville’s Sad Baxter are currently on tour in support of their latest EP So Happy, which dropped last July. The six-song collection features more of the endearing “sludge-pop” that waxes nostalgia for prominent 90s grunge acts like Hole and Nirvana. They’ll receive local support from Jersey City’s Long Neck, a fierce foursome who are carrying their strong work ethic into the New Year for their fourth performance of 2019! In addition to already playing a handful of shows in January, the group is putting the finishing touches on the follow up to their stunning debut, Will This Do? Arrive early to hear the melodic punk sounds of Keep Score and Benchmark.

Sad Baxter

Saturday, February 2nd

Palberta, Masters of Fright, Joanna Stenberg At The Safari Room at El Cortez, 7 p.m.

The Safari Room at El Cortez is pulling out all the stops this week, as they’ll be hosting another fantastic gig on Saturday featuring one of Brooklyn’s most prominent trios, Palberta.  Last year, the trio released their ambitious second LP, Roach Goin’ Down, a 22 track epic that’s packed with frenetic energy. Masters of Fright are a relatively new project that’ll cause you to do a double take, as in addition to guitar, bass, and drums, the band features flutes and a bass clarinet, all of which are used to create beautiful, ambient sounding music. Joanna Stenberg will open the show with her soft, acoustic songs that feature sweet melodies. For a sample, check out her latest single, the beautiful Stockholm Syndrome.