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Radio Free Brooklyn and Bushwick Daily are proud to announce a new weekly local-music column that will focus on artists that call Bushwick home. Each week, a Radio Free Brooklyn personality will pen a record or performance review of a different Bushwick based artist, with a curated selection of the best upcoming local gigs in the neighborhood for the following weekend.

“Shadow Paint”

Brooklyn three-piece Bernadette just completed their first ever tour last month that saw them woo crowds in Michigan and across the South. With this important milestone now under their belt, the band is set to release their debut EP, “Shadow Paint” on Friday.  For the trio’s first release, this five song EP packs a highly impressive punch that rivals the infectious energy and enthusiasm of veteran acts.

Across this short extended play, Bernadette wades into several different territories, excelling at each turn with their own unique take on their edgier, multi-faceted version of garage rock.  The opening track, “Forever An Instance,” kicks off with a simple Thermals-style riff, but as the song progresses, it builds up in both complexity and energy, serving as the first example that lead vocalist and guitarist Ricci Swift isn’t afraid to showcase his shredding skills with his nimble guitar solos.  The second track, “Six Strangs,” is the most natural pick for the band’s first single, as the bright synths shine most prominently on this track than any other on the record, serving as a nice segue to the uber hooky, “I Know I.”

The band changes gears a bit for the the final two tracks, “Royal Street” and “Shadow Paint.” The former features a sludgier, hard-rock riff that recalls “Rated-R” era Queens of The Stone Age, whereas as the final track, “Shadow Paint” begins as a heartfelt, powerful ballad of sorts that slowly, but surely builds up with intensity until around the halfway point, where it explodes with overdrive and Swift’s high-powered, howling vocals.

If this diverse five-song debut is a sampling of what’s in store for this fresh new group, then the future is bright for this budding trio.

You can purchase “Shadow Paint” via Bernadette’s bandcamp. They’ll also be playing at Coney Island Baby on September 21st with Tin Foil, Chorizo, and 1-800-BAND.


The weather has been hot this week in New York City, but these gigs are even hotter! Here’s the best of Bushwick this week:

Zodiac Sax Quartet, Whispers of Night, Jessica Pavone, Lucas Brode at Secret Project Robot

Wednesday September 5th, 2018 at 8p.m.

The Zodiac Sax Quartet, which features saxophonists Charles Waters, Lee Odom, Ras Moshe, Claire Daly, headline a night of experimental, largely improvisational multi-genre music. Whispers of Night are visiting from Atlanta, and the duo draws on world folk music. Rounding out the bill are Jessica Pavone and Lucas Brode, who both play improvisational jazz.

Whispers of Night

Toke, Geezer, Sun Voyager at Elsewhere

Thursday September 6th, 2018 at 8p.m.

Hailing from Cape Fear, NC, Toke play extremely riff heavy, “stoner metal,” and they’ll be joined by two local groups that can also do their fair share of shredding, Geezer and Sun Voyager. Geezer have hinted that new music is on the horizon, while Sun Voyager released their incredible debut LP, “Seismic Vibes,” last April.  If you decide to head to Elsewhere for this gig, be sure to bring your earplugs!

Sun Voyager

Hodera, ManDancing, Great Wight at Sunnyvale

Friday September 7th, 2018 at 7:30p.m.

Friday night at Sunnyvale features two of New Jersey’s finest indie rock acts, Hodera and ManDancing.  The two bands are on the last leg of their tour, and both are known for playing emo inspired indie rock with twists of Americana and folk. They’ll be joined by locals, Great Wight, who are about a year removed from the release of their excellent debut LP, “The Suburbs Have Ruined My Life.”


Emily Yacina, Spencer Radcliffe, Pea, Crosslegged at Alphaville 

Saturday September 8th, 2018 at 8p.m.

Alphaville plays host to a lineup of artists playing stripped down, intimate sets on Saturday night.  Emily Yacina is well-known for her intimate, bedroom-pop, and her latest, beautiful single “When The Sun Goes,” is no expection. She’ll be joined by Chicago experimental pop artist, Spencer Radcliffe and Pea, which is the solo moniker of Peter Katz of Peaer. Opening up this show is Crosslegged, the soul infused, electronic folk project of Keba Robinson.

Emily Yacina