Wild Pink Dazzle On Sophomore Album And Your Guide To The Best Shows In Bushwick This Week

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Yolk In The Fur

Brooklyn based trio Wild Pink’s sophomore album, “Yolk In The Fur,” exists at a time when heartland based classic rock is seeing a big resurgence among independent bands and artists. Groups like The War On Drugs unabashedly cite Tom Petty, John Fahey, Jackson Browne and other Americana influenced songwriters that ooze with intimate, personal lyrics and fevered guitars riffs. It’s no longer taboo to draw influence 

from a genre once disparagingly labeled as “Dad Rock.” Instead, indie rock continues to embrace these influences as a genre, just as Brooklyn’s Wild Pink has in their young, but budding career.  On “Yolk In The Fur,” Wild Pink perfectly captures the key elements of this classic rock aesthetic, but utilizes the strength of lead singer John Ross’ soft, drawn out melodies and informal lyrics to deliver an unmatched authenticity of experience. Ross’ observations are direct and plainspoken, allowing the listener to truly appreciate the scenes in tracks like “Lake Eerie” and “Burger Hill.” What further sets “Yolk In The Fur” apart from the herd is the trio’s ability to create complex arrangements and atmospheric textures with synthesizers, pedal steels, and reverberated guitars.  This is most notable on the absolutely stunning, Cocteau Twins inspired track, “Jewels Drossed in the Runoff,” a three minute track that’s the audio equivalent to floating in a dream. For a three-piece, Wild Pink’s ability to create such a dense, layered sound is impressive and a true testament to their cohesiveness as a band at such an early point in their career.

You can purchase “Yolk In The Fur” on vinyl, compact disc, and digital download via bandcamp.

Wild Pink

There’s lots of rain in the forecast this week, so get inside and enjoy some music at one of these gigs:

The Grasping Straws, I Am The Polish Army, Kid Hawk, American Fever at Secret Project Robot

Wednesday July 25th, 2018 7 p.m.

Psychedelic art rock four piece The Grasping Straws headline a night full of some of Brooklyn’s finest indie rock acts, including the fierce sounds of I Am The Polish Army. I Am The Polish Army’s 2017 debut album “My Old Man,” is a collection of dark, grunge-inspired songs that earned high praise from Rolling Stone. Kid Hawk is celebrating the release of their debut EP, which features their latest single, “Turn The Volume Up,” a straight up indie pop anthem.  American Fever’s fun, upbeat sound draws wide influence from jazz, funk, indie-rock, and soul – just the right combination to set the tone to start off the evening.

I Am The Polish Army

High Pony, Glazer, Lea, Genre Mono at The Glove

Thursday July 26th, 2018 7:30 p.m.

One of Brooklyn’s finest DIY establishments, The Glove, plays host to a gig full of punk-centric acts. Headlining is High Pony, who recently released their second studio album, “Nothing Here Is Mine,” a delightful record packed with plenty of melodic punk gems. New Jersey’s Glazer are veterans of the New Brunswick basement scene, and they boast the type of sardonic punk that’s spawned excellent song titles including “Making This Shithole A Shithome,” which is the fifth track on their 2017 album, “On a Prairie, Live in the Dirt.” Connecticut’s Lea play a brand of post-hardcore that’s reminiscent of mid-90s Dischord Records bands like Smart Went Crazy and Faraquet.  Genre Mono will get the night’s festivities rolling promptly at 8:30.


Evolfo, Native Sun, Ismay at Elsewhere

Friday July 27th, 2018 6:30 p.m.

Brooklyn’s self-described “garage soul/rat rock” ensemble, Evolfo, is hosting a big time summer bash in Zone One at Elsewhere.  Joining them is Native Sun, whose energetic garage rock sound recently earned them a spot on Paste Magazine’s “15 Young NYC Bands You Need to Know in 2018” Rounding out this bill is California based singer-songwriter Ismay, who just released “Song From A River,” a beautiful EP of soothing indie folk songs inspired by the landscapes of the American West.

Native Sun

Darkwing, Grace Vonderkuhn, Lola Pistola at Alphaville

Saturday July 28th, 2018 8 p.m.

Saturday night at Alphaville features a diverse triple bill showcasing that includes the high energy live act of Darkwing. Darkwing just released a heavy, dark new single entitled “Ignorant Ghost,” which will appear on their soon to be released EP on Good Eye Records.  Also appearing is Grace Vonderkuhn, whose February 2018 debut album “Reveries,” is a uber hooky, fuzzy punk masterpiece.  Similarly, Lola Pistola plays the type of raw, lo-fi alternative rock that’s reminiscent of great 90s bands like Belly.


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