Top 10 most popular stories in Bushwick of 2012

2012 was awesome, as we mentioned earlier today. Looking at the most popular stories of 2012 one has to come to the conclusion that our readers are mostly interested in big Bushwick topics such as the changes to the neighborhood; what it means to be part of a quickly changing neighborhood (and in naked women, not surprisingly…).  Bushwick Daily is primarily focused on arts and culture, however there were certain topics we felt we were obliged to inform about (such as a warning to women about attacks in Bushwick). Our mission and focus continue to be the celebration of good things and remarkable people of this neighborhood. Now let’s read through our most popular posts once again:

#1 Cops took down a major Bushwick gang using social media

We believe that the moral of the story is that Facebook is a good servant but a bad master. Cops took down a huge 250-member violent gang from Bushwick thanks to creating fake profiles and friending younger gang members who had been bragging about their “achievments” on social networks. Also just the sole existence of such a gang in Bushwick is a good reality check for all the new comers who believe they live in a Bohemian heaven. Sure you do, but also you live in one of the most dangerous parts of the city, so don’t be oblivious to that….


#2 Attacks on women in Bushwick. What’s going on?

Despite the lack of any official information from the NYPD, the Internet and the word of mouth has it that an unknown serial rapist has been attacking women around Morgan and Jefferson stops. We still don’t know whether it was one or more people and whether they were caught. At the 83rd Precinct they told us that we should always be careful and never walk alone, especially after dark, whether a woman or a man. It is important not to wear headphones and hoods when walking the streets and again be very aware that this is Bushwick and it is still dangerous.


#3 11 Bars/Restaurants opened in Bushwick within past 6 months

At some point of the year, all Bushwick Daily writers were really busy writing stories about new bars and restaurants that opened in Bushwick. In September, we counted 11 of them, and this number keeps growing… We say yes, it’s nice to have all these new bars and restaurants but does the community really need all of them?


#4 Hurricane Sandy Coverage

Hurricane Sandy hit New York, but Bushwick miraculously remained almost intact. We were really proud to see thousands of Bushwickians eager to volunteer and to donate. We also organized a Sandy Relief Benefit and an online fundraiser, raising almost $5,000 for the Sandy victims.


#5 Dear Bushwick, new ‘England meets Vermont’ restaurant opens tonight

Dear Bushwick opened in September on Wilson Ave, and attracted a lot of attention thanks to its delicious, hearty cuisine. Also the arrival of a (another) high end restaurant became a clear sign that Bushwick is becoming a foodie destination of New York City.

#6 Glee Now Lives in Bushwick

The huge number of people who read about Rachel and Kurt moving to Bushwick doesn’t mean that we are crazy about Glee. It means that Bushwick has become a part of the pop culture as the ultimate destination for the young and creative people who came to NYC to make it big. Whether you like it or not, your neighbor might be the next Andy Warhol or Madonna. Embrace and enjoy the times we’re living in!


#7 9/11 and Naked Women – Controversial Photographer Opens his Own Gallery

The success of this story makes us chuckle. As much as we are very happy for Rafael Fuchs who opened Fuchs Projects at 56 Bogart in September, we can tell that it was the search term ‘naked women’ that drove all the traffic. Did you think that people are smarter that googling ‘naked women’? Nope, they aren’t….


#8 Exclusive Preview of Delinquency, New DIY Bar + Venue

In July, a very very awesome place opened: Delinquency. Bushwick Daily, as well as the entire neighborhood fell in love with this music venue on Metropolitan Ave to the extend that we featured it in our first short film. Unfortunately, the night we shot our short film at Delinquency was also the last night of it for the time being. We are impatiently waiting for Deliquency to return in 2013!!


#9 5 New York Times Articles that Changed Bushwick

It is true that big mainstream media play a huge role when it comes to defining a neighborhood. A NY Times review of Roberta’s contributed to creating a cult out of a pizza place; and a NY Times review of a gallery show in Bushwick contributed to defining Bushwick as the next gallery district.


#10 An Independent Mall Seems to be Coming to Buhwick

In early December, Observer ran a story about an independent mall likely opening at Bogart Street. “Grittier Chelsea Market,” the developers promise, however they add Urban Outfitters and Guitar Center as potential tenants in the same sentence. We believe that the problem of the real estate people is that it is highly problematic for them to recognize “cool” from “mainstream supra-national corporations.” Next time, consult Bushwick, dear Mr. Clemens.

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