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Sara Edwards 


Mountain opened just three weeks ago off the Myrtle-Wyckoff L/M stop in Ridgewood. The location is the old home to The Stoop, the short-lived restaurant and cocktail bar which opened last November and closed in March. While the original owners are still affiliated with the space, it has been completely revamped and put under new management.

Mountain is unique in its design. The interior is clean and minimalistic. The large circular window, which allows passerby to peer in and patrons to people watch, is sure to be an instant icon.

One of its biggest draws, however, is the Green Chili offered right at the bar, all the time. This not-too-spicy snack is a classic dish in the Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico region and is hard to find in New York City. Get it in a Frito Pie, which for the uninitiated is chili with all of the fixings traditionally served inside of a bag of Fritos. Or you can always enjoy the chili on its own—it’s a surprisingly satisfying bar snack.

The new spot breathes fresh life into 853 Wyckoff Ave. While it is your standard beer, shot, and simple cocktail bar with a pool table and a backyard, going back to basics is very much appreciated in a neighborhood where many new bars seem to have some kitsch attached. As manager Chris Rapoza describes, “we just wanted to keep it simple. We want everyone to come in and feel comfortable.”

All drinks hover in the $3-$9 range making it an affordable new neighborhood favorite. 



Colorado inspired bar off Myrtle-Wyckoff with affordable drinks and snacks.

 853 Wyckoff Avenue, Ridgewood

 Mon-Sun: 4 p.m. – 2 a.m

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