Jacque Medina


For the past seven years, The Bodega has been one of our favorite neighborhood haunts. We love their long list of draft beers and of course -their amazing Asian-inspired tapas from Rangoon Noodle Lab! 

Our beloved Bodega is getting a makeover! Their newly acquired liquor license and some internal construction means that we’ll soon be getting cocktails and lots of fun fruity drinks, and a new look that Nina Burns, the general manager of The Bodega calls “sexy.” 

According to Burns, the Bodega redesign is inspired by mid-century modern style. “I have a personal obsession with the post-war/pre-JFK assassination era because of the bubbling social and political unrest that was wrapped up in a perceived “perfection” that was anything but, and I think we can find some very similar tones in the current climate (plus, let’s be real- it’s an incredibly sexy look). On the other hand, we wanted to have a place with great drinks and a comfy vibe that didn’t feel like it took itself too seriously,” she said.

Burns also is excited about the new cocktail list, but wants to remain true to The Bodega’s neighborhood roots:

“Some of our cocktails are straight out of the cocktail playbook (like Jungle Bird, Last Word- but frozen!), some are plays on those with a bit of a sense of humor (Grasshopper, Rusty Nail, the original Champagne Cocktail).  We’re staying true to the Bushwick bar vibe with beer/shot specials, but our well liquor is a step up, and our liquor program has many bar staples mixed with some lesser known (but certainly not obscure) choices.  Rangoon Noodle Lab is also still in house! It was time for an update and a bit of an overhaul, but we don’t want to take away the comfortable, neighborhood feel that we’ve had for the past seven years.”

The bar formerly known as The Bodega will also have an official new name at its grand opening next Friday, June 23. We’ll be there will bells on! Will you? 

Featured image courtesy of The Bodega’s Yelp Page.