The Winner of Bushwick’s Best Patio Is Left Hand Path!

Jacque Medina


Best of Bushwick is back to crown a winner—this time for best patio in the neighborhood. 2,356 of you voted in last week’s poll, and the landslide winner for best patio is… Left Hand Path!

Left Hand Path is definitely a Bushwick favorite for beer-lovers all year round, but now that the weather is finally warming up, the bar’s outdoor space is especially appealing. The bar’s patio has good vibes and ample intimate seating, which makes Left Hand Path a romantic destination for local residents. 

But don’t let the atmosphere be the only thing that draws you to Left Hand Path; the extensive beer selection, cocktail menu, and the scrumptious dumplings they serve from Flushing’s Dumpling Galaxy are just a few main reasons we love LHP. 

Owner Evan Thomas thinks Left Hand Path’s patio is the bar’s crown jewel. “I think that one of the reasons our regulars enjoy the patio so much is it’s simplicity,” he says. “There’s a lot of seating and no tables to navigate, so there is tons of room for people to relax. At the same time, we’re a neighborhood bar so it usually doesn’t feel like a destination crowd as much as a clubhouse for locals, and the people that hang out in the garden reflect that. We really want Left Hand to be a place that fosters new friendships, and we are happy because that happens every day.  We are all very into gardening too so it’s getting greener all the time!” 

So, while the weather slowly warms up, head over to Left Hand Path for all your outside drinking needs! 


Left Hand Path

Craft beer and cocktail bar serving dumplings and instant ramen late.

 89 Wyckoff Ave. (Jefferson L)

 Mon-Thu: 5:00 pm – 2:00 am
    Fri-Sun: 2:00 pm – 4:00 am

 (718) 417-1262

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Featured image courtesy of Left Hand Path.

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