By Katarina Hybenova

beauty bar bushwick

Life along the JMZ subway lines in Bushwick is flowing like a peaceful river, seemingly unaffected by the move of big galleries to the neighborhood. While the L train section of Bushwick is quietly whispering the “G” word and talks about getting priced out, JMZ Bushwick lives a different story.

We all heard that Beaty Bar, a popular bar at 921 Broadway, is leaving its Bushwick location for Park Slope because it was not making enough money. Beauty Bar Bushwick opened in 2009 as a rougher little brother of Beauty Bar on East 14th Street, where you could have a drink and some beautification procedure done at the same time.  Beauty Bar is a chain of bars all around the country with locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Denver, Chicago, Portland, Austin and Las Vegas. However, over the years, the owner Paul Devitt realized that Bushwick isn’t as good of a location as he expected. “The area was not developing as fast as we had hoped,” said Beauty Bar owner Paul Devitt for “A lot of kids in Bushwick are strapped financially. They drink at home, at parties.” In Park Slope, Devitt is expecting a hipster clientele who has gotten married, had a baby, but still wants to be stimulated.

Oh well, we all got wasted at Beauty Bar at least once in our lifetime, but it’s true that the place hasn’t been exactly crowded lately. We asked what your opinions are about Beaty Bar leaving, and got several interesting responses.

Nate Gene and JP Marin said on our Facebook page:

We asked our Twitter followers to share their stories from the Beauty Bar, but we didn’t get too many. The best sum up came from Daniel Carrol:

So I guess this is it, Beauty Bar. We will (probably) miss you but at the same time, there is so much is going on in the neighborhood that we won’t be sad for too long. Actually, there is already a replacement for the Monday movie night. Tandem has just started movie nights on Tuesdays! And honestly, Bushwick girls don’t really care about manicures. Their nails get dirty from acrylic paint and short from guitars strings. But good luck in your new neighborhood, hopefully your new crowd will get that babysitter for the night…