It’s 11/11. Make a wish! 

Together, the numbers 1111 signify a time of synchronicity — a good time to take a chance or make a wish. For many, seeing the numbers 11:11 on a clock or on a calendar indicates an auspicious sign or the presence of a greater spirit. 

So, on this day — the 11th day of the 11th month — how about taking a moment to recognize some local businesses where you can connect with your higher self. 

This is not a complete list! If you have a suggestion, please write it in the comment section below.

Tigerlily Holistic

Tigerlily Holistic, located at 36 Wyckoff Ave., is an acupuncture studio in the heart of Bushwick. With affordable prices, on a sliding scale from $60-$80 per treatment, Tigerlily practices “community acupuncture.” Zero gravity recliners and massage tables are grouped together in a quiet, soothing space where family members or friends can come to get treatment together and rest with needles for their own length of time. Tigerlily is also a proponent of frequent acupuncture, which they claim is much more likely to lead to relief. 

The Oracle Shop

The Oracle Shop is a “metaphysical boutique” located at 164 Wilson Ave. The shop sells a variety of products for the mind, body and soul, including crystals and minerals, ceremonial and spiritual cleansing supplies, jewelry, tarot cards, books, candles and more. 

Oak Astrology

Image: Benjamin Stone

Led by Kristopher Oak, Oak Astrology offers a wide range of astrology readings, including readings on construction and growth, birth chart readings that touch on relationships, career, health and more, and heart healing consultations, among others. A full list of the readings, with prices, is available here. Oak Astrology also offers a wide range of virtual classes that can help you strengthen and grow. A list of classes, with prices, is available here

Baby Cobra Yoga

Baby Cobra Yoga, located at 47 Thames St., is a donation-based yoga studio in a beautifully lit loft. The studio currently has mats, straps, blocks and blankets available to borrow for free. The studio, which is only a few months old, offers a wide variety of classes. And you can check out its schedule here

Loom Yoga Studio Bushwick

Loom, located at 1087 Flushing Ave., is the oldest yoga studio in Bushwick. Loom takes pride in the diversity of its staff, making it a safe and inclusive place for those of all levels and backgrounds. The yoga class schedule can be found here. Loom also offers in-studio barre, pilates and cardio classes. The schedule for those classes is available here

Kala Yoga

Image: Chrissy Connors

Located at 331 Melrose St., Kala Yoga offers a wide range of classes that appeal to both advanced yoga practitioners and beginners. Both heated (about 90 degrees) and non-heated (about 75-80 degrees) yoga classes are available, as well as pilates classes, mediation, yoga nidra and more. The classes and pricing list is available here.  

Solid Gold Yogi

Located right in the heart of Bushwick at 20 Wyckoff Ave., Solid Gold Yogi offers yoga classes, a space for mediation and workshops to support creativity. Solid Gold Yogi offers classes in-person, via live stream and through a bank of saved videos that you can access any time. To learn more about all of Solid Gold Yogi’s offerings, check out its website here

Featured image: Baby Cobra Yoga courtesy of Spencer Brisson.

All body images were either shared by business owners or from their respective Instagram accounts.

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