Galleries, studios and even truck-trailers have been homes to curated shows popping up during the Bushwick Open Studios weekend. We chose the ones particularly intriguing, exciting and conceptually challenging.

What I Like About You @ Parallel Art Space, 17-17 Troutman (FRI 6-10PM, SAT-SUN 12-7PM)

19 artists from around the globe were invited to Bushwick by Brooklyn-based artist Julie Torres. To make things fun, each of them will show their work alongside a piece of art by a local artist they admire.

The Deconsumptionists @ Trailer, 23 Montieth St (SAT-SUN 12-7PM)

Andrea Monti’s ink-jet prints, installations and performance will explore the idea of the end in his solo show LOOSE ENDS – in a 48-foot tractor trailer.

IRL: internet <-> real life @ 56 Bogart St, 4th floor (SAT-SUN 12-7PM)

Six artists connected through social media will be looking for the common threads among themselves. Keywords: sense of place, virtual/real, resonance, social feeds, juxtapositions, hybridity…

▲: ENLIGHTENMENT @ Outlet Fine Art, 253 Wilson Ave (FRI, 8PM, SAT-SUN 12-7PM)

A group show of six enlightened artists will be presented by one of Bushwick’s youngest and most promising spaces.

Image via Outlet Fine Art

Leveled Land @ Brooklyn Fire Proof, 119 Ingraham (FRI-SUN 12-7PM)

An art exhibition comprised of part Brooklyn-based, part Texas-based artists examines life in communities in transition. Both downtown Houston and Bushwick have been experiencing high-paced urbanization and transformation.

Recent Alumni of VCU Sculpture @ 299 Meserole St (SAT-SUN 12-7PM)

Like canned energy is the group show of large sculptural work of recent alumni of VCU. What do the art student arriving to Bushwick think about it? Come find out.

Let’s Hope Nothing Bad Happens… @ Wayfarers, 1109 Dekalb Ave. (FRI 7-10PM, SAT-SUN 12-7PM)

Run by George Ferrandi, Brooklyn Wayfarers is a home to artist studios, wood shop and a gallery. For BOS, they have prepared a group show of Wayfarer Members. Judging by the exciting membership base, this show is not to be missed.

Sweatpanting @ Orgy Park, 237 Jefferson St. 1b, (FRI 7-10PM)

Orgy Park, dear friends, is a home of Steve Mykietyn occasionally turned into a gallery space. Every time this transformation into a gallery occurs, we’re nothing but impressed. If you add sweatpants and Martin Basher, Per Billgren, and Rachael Gorchov to the mix, things can’t go wrong.

Thin Chance @ 1027 Grand St. 4th Floor, (SAT-SUN 12-7PM)

Artist’s Chris McGee’s curatorial debut will feature Mayen Alcantara, Sheryl Oppenheim, Alex Paik, Ebony Rose, Abigail Weg. Intelligent and intimate works of art explore paper as a medium and its attributes.